An exclusive UK travel club is offering its wealthy members international getaways to receive coronavirus vaccinations

Taylor Ardrey
A pharmacist fills a syringe to prepare a dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine for front-line health care workers at a vaccination site at Torrance Memorial Medical Center on December 19, 2020 in Torrance, California. Patrick T. Fallon / AFP via Getty Images
  • An elite concierge service based in the United Kingdom is offering its members private getaway vacations to get vaccinated for COVID-19, according to The Telegraph.

  • Knightbridge Circle helps fly their wealthy clients to India and the United Arab Emirates to receive vaccinations, the Telegraph reported.

  • "It's like we're the pioneers of this new luxury travel vaccine program," founder, Stuart McNeil, told The Telegraph. "You go for a few weeks to a villa in the sunshine, get your jabs and your certificate, and you're ready to go."

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An exclusive travel club in the United Kingdom is offering its wealthy members a getaway service to receive their coronavirus vaccinations overseas, according to The Telegraph.

Through Knightbridge Circle, a concierge service, a highly selective clientele that pays a hefty annual membership fee will be flown -- some on a private jet -- to India or the United Arab Emirates to receive the treatment, the Telegraph reported. The publication reported that an estimated 40% of Knightbridge Circle clients live in the UK.

According to Public Health England, the UK has reported over 3 million COVID-19 cases. Positive tests have surged amid the new coronavirus variant that has caused crowded hospitals and stricter lockdowns. The country is currently in the process of distributing vaccines to residents over 70, those most at risk and essential workers, the Associated Press reported.

Knightbridge Circle arranges for its clients to stay in a private villa abroad that includes perks like a personal chef, pool, and wait staff, the Telegraph reported. Despite the strict travel restrictions, travel for business purposes is still authorized, according to the report.

"It's like we're the pioneers of this new luxury travel vaccine program," founder, Stuart McNeil, told the outlet. "You go for a few weeks to a villa in the sunshine, get your jabs and your certificate, and you're ready to go."

"They land, have their first jab, and wait for the second one. We've got some people that are going to India for the whole time, and others are talking about flying in, having the first jab, flying out to Madagascar, and then coming back for the second jab later," McNeil added.

McNeil told The Telegraph that Knightsbridge Circle has been providing Pfizer and Sinopharm vaccines to their clients in the United Arab Emirates and, as of recent, AstraZeneca in India. McNeil told the newspaper that the service hasn't given the treatment to clients under 65, and in addition, has provided the vaccines to family members as well.

"I feel that everybody who has access to private [healthcare should be able to be vaccinated] - as long as we offer it to the right people. My team is in India and the UAE to make sure that the person who has requested it is the person that receives it. It's lives saved," McNeil told The Telegraph responding to concerns of exclusive healthcare services.

According to the outlet, the price point for the experience to Dubai for a month with the vaccine treatment, first-class flights, membership for two individuals, and accommodations is about $54,000, or £40,000.

Knightbridge Circle did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

Read the full story at the Telegraph.

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