Execution of killer who boasted how he made victim suffer is delayed due to lethal injection drug shortage

Dave Maclean
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    Why not use nitrous oxide ? It's readily available, no issues of cruelty, and easy to administer. What am I missing here ?
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    Billie Jo
    There are all kinds of drugs people O.D. on every day. Try propofol, fentanyl, heroin and a myriad of sleeping meds. Any of these methods do not require three separate drugs to put one to sleep permanently. Don't make it so complicated.
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    “He lived for twenty-and-a-half hours after (the stabbing) before he croaked,” he wrote. Whaaat? How is that even possible in a prison.
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    How about a hanging in the rec yard at the prison. Let all the inmates see him swing. If that doesn't cure them of a life of crime, nothing will.
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    I've got some stuff under my kitchen sink that should work just fine. I'll be glad to donate it to a good cause.
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    Too Smart For Her Own Good
    Maybe the victims family could take care of him? Since he made his victim suffer, I’m sure they could come up with creative ways to pay him back.
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    It's ironic...
    Folks are always saying in comments how they hope the other prisoners get a hold of a criminal who injured a child. But when it happens, which seems the case here (the inmate murdered was his cellmate who was in prison for corruption of a minor) when it happens that the inmate who hurt a child is found injured or dead, folks get all mad at the one who did it. Go figure.
    As far as a lack of drugs to execute, there seems quite a bit of documentation that the drugs don't actually benefit the condemned. That they can feel a burning sensational that is excruciating, but can't speak because in the sedative makes them almost paralyzed. In my opinion, they need to use another way. Perhaps knock the person out with a drugs, lay them ever so gently then let a guillotine do the rest. ;)
    Simple, effective, short, no pain, but a bit messy lol.
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    The last I checked, there was no rope shortage or lead shortage.
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    I'm retired LE. Just get Heroin and fentanyl accepted for use.

    It is relatively cheap, and you certainly aren't going to run low. And, even if you did, you only need to run to the nearest drug house (every neighbor in every neighborhood that has a drug house can give directions) and stock up.

    I've interviewed people who died from overdose. Each told a similar story. They injected the drugs. The high did not seem like it was going to end. Then they remembered nothing, until waking up in the hospital. Friends who were present called 911 and the paramedics or police saved their lives with Naloxone (e.g., Narcan®).

    A no fuss, no muss death. For some reason, the government still believes a death by hanging, or firing squad deters crime. It might if it was used universally. But so few murderers are prosecuted with the death penalty as an option for the jury or judge. And the wait for execution means most are very old men before they have a chance to face a lethal penalty for their actions.

    I can't but wonder if society as a whole would be more accepting of a heroin death for those on death row.
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    I’m a vet and I’m ready to donate two bottles of Pentobarbital at any time. Just let me know.