Exercise while you're at work

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Changes in home and work environments have put us all at risk for conditions ranging from carpal tunnel to heart disease. Exercise is a recommended solution, but who has the time?

Yahoo! health expert Dr. Richard Besser has an easy exercise program you can do at work: 

Hoof it!

Find a way to get exercise on the way to work. Park farther from the office or get off public transportation one stop early. The added exercise is beneficial over time. A 150-pound woman can burn up to 100 calories a day with a little extra walking.

Corporate climber

The stairwell is not just an emergency exit. Climbing stairs improves muscle condition and circulation. Get off the elevator two flights early. Your new-found energy might replace that second cup of coffee.

Wrist risks

Office exercises extend beyond heart health. Dr. Besser also offers measures to prevent damage to your wrists and hands associated with repeated activity and static muscle tension. Proper ergonomics are part of a safe work environment.

Need help getting motivated? Recruit your colleagues for an office-wide exercise program, take a 10-minute walk on your break, or swap one email message a week for in-person contact.

The little bit of exercise you get throughout the day can make a big difference to your health, says Dr. Besser.

How do you stay fit in the office? Share your ideas and suggestions in the conversation below.