Exercising outside this spring could have helpful health benefits

Outdoor exercise has become a routine for some since the pandemic began.

Video Transcript


KIM LEOFFLER: On the belt line, a loop that connects in town neighborhoods in Atlanta, spring weather is bringing lots of people outside and getting their workout in.

MATT THOMAS: I always love working out outside. There's something about being in the sun and having some fresh air and moving with people outdoors that really speaks to me that I love.

KIM LEOFFLER: Matt Thomas, founder of Fight and Flow, which incorporates yoga and martial arts, is leading outdoor workouts on Atlanta's west side. While he certainly has been holding a lot of outdoor classes since COVID-19 began, he started even before the pandemic.

MATT THOMAS: There's something about being outside and in fresh air and around people too. And maybe something about COVID has made me appreciate that a little bit more. As the weather continues to get nicer, I think it's only gonna get better and better to get together outside and work out and have fun together.

KIM LEOFFLER: And the health benefits of outdoor workouts go beyond just being active.

MATT THOMAS: Our bodies don't naturally produce vitamin D. So there's really no substitute besides taking a supplement to getting out in the sunlight.

KIM LEOFFLER: And even if you don't do a set class, simply getting up and going outside to take a walk can be beneficial as well. For AccuWeather, I'm Kim Leoffler.