Bella Thorne ignites social media war with ex Tana Mongeau over OnlyFans: 'She tries so hard to be relevant'

The girls are fighting again and this time it's about OnlyFans.

Exes Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau are no strangers to making what should be private conversations very, very public. The pair dated from September 2017 to February 2019 and it's unclear whether they were in a polyamorous relationship with rapper Mod Sun the whole time, or for just part of that timeline.

In August, Thorne made headlines after she joined OnlyFans — a subscription-based platform that allows adult content — and her announcement caused the site to crash. She allegedly then sold "fake nudes" for $200, which had subscribers demanding refunds and led to OnlyFans implementing caps on payment payouts, which infuriated sex workers who use the site as a source of income.

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Mongeau had already joined the site in May and it later was announced that she had become one of the top-earning accounts, reportedly earning $3 million in just one month.

Recently, Thorne faced more backlash for claiming on her Instagram Story that she was "the first" to join OnlyFans. Then, on Dec. 17, after posting a series of tweets promoting her OnlyFans, Mongeau made a little dig at her ex's recent comment.

The following day, Thorne tweeted about the release of her new single "SFB" (Stupid F****** B****), which is rumored to be about Mongeau, and said, "she wishes she was me."

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Then Thorne took it to TikTok — because that's how disputes and hurt feelings are handled nowadays — and filmed herself "literally laughing so hard [she was] crying." She captioned the video: "When she thinks she's a celebrity..."

Mongeau made a duet with the video where she pretended to punch her phone in response.

But Mongeau wasn't finished and brought the fight back to Twitter where she wrote: "Imagine taking the time to write, direct, and fund entire song about me called stupid f****** b**** and also being bella thorne smfh."

Mongeau then scrolled back to Thorne's tweet from Dec. 18 and called out Thorne for never following through with her promise to promote sex workers on OnlyFans — something Thorne said she'd do following her initial OnlyFans backlash. It's not clear whether Mongeau herself has ever promoted sex workers on OnlyFans, despite also financially benefitting from the platform.

Thorne, still pretending to be subtle, also tweeted about a girl — presumably Mongeau — using Thorne's name for attention, which, naturally, Mongeau did not like.

The pair initially claimed to be cordial following their breakup in early 2019 but started getting rocky after Mongeau got engaged to fellow YouTuber Jake Paul. Lucky for us, Thorne announced that they were no longer on good terms (you guessed it, on Twitter). As a result, we know exactly when it all went downhill.

"????? imagine taking every time ur mad at me to twitter but then telling ppl how much u care about me...................." Mongeau replied, despite doing a good deal of the same thing herself.

As for now, it seems Mongeau is setting up for another storytime YouTube that she said will "get her banned."

"I’m about to get banned from YouTube with how much tea I have coming," she tweeted on Dec. 21. "I don’t give a f***."

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