Exeter woman who attacked school bus driver was upset over a previous incident, police say

Feb. 8—A woman who assaulted an Exeter School District bus driver was upset over a previous incident involving her daughter, according to court documents.

Roxanne Rivera, 35, of the 1300 block of Fox Run was arrested Tuesday after she got on a school bus that morning and verbally and physically attacked the driver, police said.

Rivera was arraigned before District Judge Steven Chieffo on charges of aggravated and simple assault, unauthorized school bus entry, criminal mischief, harassment and disorderly conduct. She remained free pending a hearing.

According to court documents:

The bus was picking up students in the 1300 block of Fox Run in the Mountain Park neighborhood about 8:40 a.m.

After students got on the bus, Rivera, who was standing outside of the bus, confronted the driver over a previous incident involving Rivera's daughter. It is unclear what that incident was.

Rivera was yelling at the driver from outside the bus, and the driver told her that she was not going to discuss the alleged incident and began to shut the door. Before the doors closed, Rivera got on the bus.

Rivera continued to yell at the driver and raised her fists in a fighting stance. She struck the driver's hand, continued to yell and point, then began hitting the driver in the head and face, breaking the driver's glasses.

Rivera walked down the aisle on the bus, exiting with her daughter out of the emergency exit. She continued to yell at the driver as she left.

The incident was captured by a video camera on the bus.

During the school day Tuesday, the district sent a message to parents of students at Jacksonwald Elementary School. While not providing any details about what had happened, the message said students on the bus, as well as those on a second bus that passed by during the altercation, were greeted by a team of counselors, teachers and administrators when they arrived at school.

"Students were provided support and had the opportunity to receive extra comfort from our staff," the message said.

The message added that counseling staff would check in on students throughout the day, as well as over the next several days, to see how they are feeling. It also stated that after school Tuesday Dr. Christy Haller, superintendent, would ride with students on the bus where the assault took place.