New Exhibit At Children’s Museum Looks To Transport Visitors To Land Of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice allows visitors to come face to face with Dinosaurs and explore their habitats (3:10) WCCO 4 Saturday Morning - June 5, 2021

Video Transcript

- A new exhibit at the Minnesota Children's Museum will transport kids back to the land of dinosaurs. Dinosaurs Land of Fire and Ice allows visitors to come face to face with the extinct animals and to explore their habitats.

JESSICA PETRIE: Families will travel back in time and come face to face with animals of all shapes and sizes, as they learn what life was like when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. So first, kids can step into the role of paleontologist and dig for fossils and create fossil prints and rubbings at the field research station. And then we have two different dinosaur habitats to explore. First there's the land of fire, where you'll meet a triceratops and a T-rex. You can put on an insect costume and buzz through a swampy bog. We also have an oozing volcano that kids really love.

And then we have the land of ice, where you'll meet two different dinosaurs that made their homes in the cold climate of Alaska. And then in that area, you can hop through the icy terrain and explore the river and everything else in that world.

- And it sounds like this dinosaur exhibit does have these interactive elements where kids can really, kind of, get immersed in that world. Is that right?

JESSICA PETRIE: Yes, absolutely. There's also a number of life sized dinosaurs that you can actually go up and touch. We encourage kids to go up and touch and climb on them and just come face to face with the dinosaurs.

- So what can kids, and even their parents, learn about these animals while there?

JESSICA PETRIE: Oh, all sorts of things. So the exhibit is actually built upon research about the different climates in which dinosaurs were able to survive and thrive. This is the first child centered exhibit in the country that's dedicated specifically to expanding the understanding of dinosaur habitat and range. So we're just really excited to be able to bring it back to the museum. We have had it in the past, and everybody has always loved it.

- I love dinosaurs. I think every kid, you know, likes dinosaurs at some point in their lives. What should people know about the Minnesota Children's Museum before visiting?

JESSICA PETRIE: So it's great to see families getting out, having fun, and making memories again. We have a lot going on in these coming weeks. We have some experiences that have been either added back or are being reopened. So first, there's the scramble, which is our really popular giant climbing towers and spiral slide and 40 foot high catwalk. That's been closed for the last year because of COVID concerns, but we're actually reopening it this weekend.

Our outdoor exhibits are officially open for the season. We have two outdoor exhibits, so there's even more spaces to play and explore in. We have some props and costumes that had been previously removed that are now being put back out. And then we have brand new paint experience in [INAUDIBLE]. There's so much to-- to learn and do and explore at the museum.

- All right. Now this exhibit runs through Labor Day. Entry is included with a ticket to the Minnesota Children's Museum. You can find that information at