Exotic wines hide in the heights of Chile's Atacama desert

STORY: Meet the winemakers in the world's driest desert

battling extreme temperatures, intense desert sun, and high altitudes

Location: Atacama desert, Chile

The indigenous farmers say the harsh climate give grapes a thick skin

which leads to an intensely colored wine with bold flavors

(Fabian Munoz, Oenologist) "One of the identities of our wines is that they express the place of origin very well. We don't want to lose the essence of that salt taste, that desert taste, that volcanic rock taste, and the grape's flavors, which are distinctive. We want that when the consumer tastes Ayllu, Haalar black label, and white label, which are part of the portfolio, they say: 'Wow, I'm tasting the Atacama desert.'"

The wine, called Allyu, has won international awards

About 12,500 bottles of Ayllu are produced each year

(Hector Espindola, owner of Bosque Viejo Vineyard) "We are proud and happy to produce wine in the highlands because it's complicated due to the climate. We have to tell the truth; it is challenging to make wine here. The young people don't want to work in agriculture; they want to do something else. We are working in agriculture, and we are going to continue until we can, every day with more effort and dedication."