What to expect when Knott's Berry Farm reopens

Knott's Berry Farm has used the yearlong closure to add attractions and prepare to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Video Transcript

- Knott's Berry Farm will finally reopen to the public on Thursday. But season pass holders get first dibs.

- Eyewitness News reporter Jessica De Nova is live in Grant Park now with a preview of what we can expect, Jess.

JESSICA DE NOVA: Hey, guys. Yeah, what a preview. I am getting ready to experience Knott's Berry Farm's latest right now. The line leading up to here was clearly marked with stickers to ensure that physical distancing. Plexiglass also helps keep guests waiting in line see. It's the set of visitors can expect at all the attractions opening here this week.

During my time growing up here and visiting Knott's, this was actually the Kingdom of the Dinosaurs, right? Before that, it was the Original Knott's Berry Tails. And now, it's a continuation of that. Now season pass holders like you mentioned earlier, it can experience this new ride and other attractions here at Knott starting this Thursday.

Then starting May 21st, the park opens up to the general public for its 100th anniversary celebration. Technically, that was last year but of course, the parks were closed because of the covid-19 pandemic. Guests will be able to enjoy the annual not summer nights with rides, food. But masks are required for everyone to years of age and older unless you're sitting down to eat.

Characters will be out here safely waving from a distance. Right now, maintenance crews are out here putting the final touches on some of their guests favorites, making sure everything is running smoothly for opening day. But the latest attraction this year is again, Knott's Berry Tails. This is a 4-D experience guys with the help of your Berry Blast or you work to get boysenberry pies to the fair.

Along the way, you'll catch the sense of patchouli oil popcorn, cotton candy, honeysuckle, and of course, poison berries. The idea is to show people what the bear family and crafty coyote did 35 years later.

KEN PARKS: The bear family has always been making pies and the comic villain, crafty coyote is back. This time, he has some pups. And so everyone's kind of grown a little older. They all have children of their own, but they all want to get to the country fair in time with all of the award winning pies and you've got to help them.

JESSICA DE NOVA: All right, guys. So I have got my 3D glasses for that 3D experience. I have got my berry blaster. I am ready to take on some crafty coyote pups. And all I can say is, wouldn't it be great if this was a five-day experience? I could taste those delicious boysenberry. But not the famous for, right?