Expect To Pay More At The Pump This Memorial Day Weekend

KDKA's Ross Guidotti has more on the price at the pump this weekend.

Video Transcript

KEN RICE: A little rain and higher gas prices not stopping people from hitting the road this holiday weekend. Ross Guidotti's been talking with local drivers who are filling up and heading out. Ross?

ROSS GUIDOTTI: Yeah, Ken, we are at the GetGo in New Stanton. Cars have been coming in and out here, folks are fueling up. The people I spoke to said they are going to drive, and they are going to drive a lot. They really don't care how much gas costs.

The rain was falling at the GetGo in New Stanton. But the gas prices, not so much.

- It doesn't matter. You know, you're gonna have to pay.

ROSS GUIDOTTI: Especially considering we're about to enter the beginning of the summer driving season, with gas prices at a seven-year high.

- I mean, I would like to see it definitely go back to where it was, for sure.

ROSS GUIDOTTI: According to AAA, a gallon of unleaded in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area is about $3.19 a gallon. Nationally, $3.04. Holiday travel expected to be up 60%. And that makes sense, considering America is breaking out of its COVID funk and hitting the road.

MARY BOUCHER: Down to West Virginia University to move my son home.

- I'm going to Dayton, and then I'm going to go back to Philadelphia.

ROSS GUIDOTTI: So why are gas prices so incredibly high? Well, petroleum experts and those who analyze the gas and fuel business say there are a number of reasons. Number one, we are driving more over the next couple of days. Russia, as well as Saudi Arabia, have cut production of oil. That's charging the prices straight up. And then you have the fact that the supply chain is starting to move after COVID. And that means you've got to fuel up a lot of planes, trains, trucks, and automobiles.

- If I wanted to go somewhere, I'll just get in the car and go.

ROSS GUIDOTTI: And most people we spoke to today said, whatever the reason, there's not much the average American can do about it.

- You got to pay if you want to go.

- It definitely beats walking, for sure.

ROSS GUIDOTTI: I fully agree, it does beat walking. I'd like to tell you good news that the gas prices are going to all of a sudden go down, but it doesn't look that way. According to AAA and other experts, when it comes to petroleum, we're probably going to see $3 a gallon for the rest of the summer. Live in New Stanton, Ross Guidotti, KDKA News.