What Can You Expect This Season At Camden Yards?

We have a preview of what you can expect this year at Camden Yards.

Video Transcript

SEAN STREICHER: Of course, we're going to be here most of the day. And I'm very excited about that.

- Yes. And another gentleman, who is going to be here, today, and then all through the season, we're with TJ Brightman from the Orioles front office. And how excited are you to be out here? I think we're all excited to be out of the house. But especially here at Camden Yards.

TJ BRIGHTMAN: There's nothing better than being at Camden Yards on a morning like this when the birds are in first place after beating the Yankees in extra innings.

SEAN STREICHER: How about that last night?

TJ BRIGHTMAN: Pretty good game, right?

SEAN STREICHER: I got to ask you something, because when the tickets come out, the schedules are released, I always go through, and I look for that little asterisk. You know, you guys have some great giveaways, some great promos. What are some of the ones that people are going to be on the lookout for this year?

TJ BRIGHTMAN: Well, we're going to have the traditional ones, obviously. Floppy hat night, we're going to have a Jim Palmer bobblehead this year. There will be a beach towel night, Hawaiian shirt night, which is always popular, here, at Camden Yards.

- That's got your name all over it, Sean Streicher.

TJ BRIGHTMAN: Birdland Music Series is coming back. So we're trying to create as much normalcy as possible, obviously, socially distant.

- Right, we appreciate that, definitely.

SEAN STREICHER: There are some minor changes. What should people be aware of if they're coming out to a game in person?

TJ BRIGHTMAN: Well, I think the biggest thing is obviously the pod seating. It's a little bit different. So we have six feet of separation in all of our seats. So there are pods of two, pods of four, pods of six. We're asking folks to wear masks, of course, when they're in the stands. Unless you're eating or drinking, please make sure you keep your mask on. We're trying to also encourage people, with education, to get the vaccine. Take one for the team, and get the vaccine. That's sort of our tagline.

- Witty, I like it.

TJ BRIGHTMAN: Well, and the more people that get the vaccine, the more folks we can invite back to the ballpark, hopefully, this summer, and increase capacity.

- Good point.

SEAN STREICHER: That's a great thing for everybody, the team, and the city. And of course, we get to watch the Os in person this year.

- Yes, thank you so much TJ. We appreciate it.

TJ BRIGHTMAN: Thanks for having me, guys.

SEAN STREICHER: Of course, of course. The Orioles are taking on the Boston Red Sox. That is today. They're a home opener. You want to keep it tuned to WJZ, though. Starting at noon is our opening day special.

- Yes, and we want to see how you are celebrating today. So we want to see you in your orange and black. Share them, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. And use that hashtag #BeOnWJZ. We can't wait to see. Stay with us. We'll be right back.