Expect to see more potholes after winter storm

Were potholes already an issue in your area? They might just get worse thanks to all the ice on the roads last month.

Video Transcript

- We're all still recovering from the February freeze. First it was the ice, then lost power, water issues, and now, potholes. An unexpected consequences of all the ice on the roads? Pothole problems. When water freezes, it expands, putting pressure on cracks in the road, and creating potholes.

TEXDOT and the city of Houston are on pothole patrol after the storm. Both say they haven't seen an increase of pothole reports yet, but Houston public works expect some of their pothole patches may have been weakened due to the ice, and they may open up over time. And TEXDOT engineers say we may not see the damage from the storm until we approach the warmer months.

Yeah, and we all know those potholes ca cause really expensive problems. So here in Houston, you can report potholes online, or by calling 311.