Expect Some Strong To Severe Thunderstorms This Afternoon

Meteorologist Chris Spears has your forecast.

Video Transcript

- You know what it's going to look really good for the most part early on. But you see all those clouds, Chris. I know you know there's going to be a whole lot of rain in the forecast, huh?

CHRIS SPEARS: Oh, we could see some heavy rain in a few areas today. And it is a totally different story in Western Colorado. Complete sunshine once you get into the Foothills and points to the west. That cloud cover is banked up right here along the front range and on the Eastern Plains.

We are in the 50s this morning, very uniform. So you know there's a lot of cloud cover out there when everyone's in a similar temperature range. Higher up, we find 30s. And we have 40s and 50s over on the western slope. Mark Milligan, clear skies, west of Fairplay. Over 10,000 feet. 34 degrees there.

Meg, 46 out northeast of Parker. And she is cloudy. Dew point, an important weather variable at any time of the year. But it is especially useful during the warm season. And when you have numbers in the 40s to near 50 or higher, that is ample moisture to fuel afternoon showers and storms.

And we have a sort of humid air mass in place. And humids are relative term. It's humid for this elevation, obviously, not humid by southern standard. Satellite and radar together here. You can see some of that low cloud cover, maybe even a few sprinkles somewhere on the Eastern Plains, just randomly coming out of the low clouds.

But this is the main story. It's a weather disturbance back over Utah. It'll be coming through here this afternoon. As it does so, it is going to kick up some showers and thunderstorms. And a few of those may be strong to severe, especially in the yellow area here. And that does include Metro Denver.

From Castle Rock through the city and on up into Greeley and Fort Collins, you may be hearing some thunder later on today. The main threats, wind and hail out of today's storms. But there is a little bit of a flash flood threat, especially around the burn scars, the Castlewood, and the Cameron Peak Fire.

Scars from last year, always a low threat for tornadoes. But that is not probably the main story for today. Here's Futurecast. Those showers will pop after the 12 o'clock hour. They'll organize and move to the east mid afternoon. And as we move into the early evening, we will have a line of thunderstorms pressing across the Eastern Plains of Colorado.

And some of those may rumble well into the night. The weather pattern starting today turns unsettled as this low pressure kind of cuts itself off from the main jet stream. And it is going to meander through here over the next four to five days. And that means we stay pretty unsettled and at times wet.

80s out west today with plenty of sunshine. 60s and 70s in the high country. We'll have mostly cloudy skies east with afternoon storms, 60s and 70s. Just in the five-day forecast. So some of those storms today. It could be strong to severe.

The Rockies play this evening, so we need to keep an eye on that. Another Rockies game tomorrow, could be wet. And look at Monday, Tuesday, good chance for rain with temperatures in the 60s. So a couple of unsettled days coming up. Keep an eye to the sky. And Dave Aguilera, of course, will be here this afternoon watching that radar for you.

- So especially, if you're go into the game, make sure you bring an umbrella.

CHRIS SPEARS: Or towel to wipe off the seat, possibly. Yeah.

- 100% hopefully the Rockies could get the game in.

CHRIS SPEARS: I hope so.

- Thank you so much, Chris.