Experience Unlimited Freedom!

Celebrate Freedom!
Celebrate Freedom!

Welcome to the month of Freedom, July 2016! In America, July 4th is celebrated as Freedom Day. And there is a reason why America choose the month of July to celebrate Freedom. The month of July carries the magnificent vibration to create the type of Freedom you want in your life. There are many extraordinary possibilities for you to choose from and to creative amazing changes in your life in the month of July.

What does the term Freedom mean to you? The term, “Freedom” may mean different interpretations to different people. To some, freedom means financial freedom and for others, freedom means free of oppressive rule. To a spiritual seeker, freedom means being free from fear, anger, jealousy, hatred, or temptations of the egoist mind.

Freedom is the quest to become free of limitations.~ Vetri and Mari

The limitations can be a physical illness, financial crisis, or limitations of an egoist mind. It is the nature of a human being to seek freedom at all levels of life. If you follow Maslow’s Theory of Hierarchy, it states that when one’s basic needs are fulfilled, a human being strives for the fulfillment of next higher need. It is constant striving for excellence which sets apart a human being from the animal kingdom.

Our technology has advanced a great deal, but correspondingly human consciousness has not advanced. The machines are overtaking humans in every field. Humans are becoming more dependent on machines and failing to develop their consciousness. Humanity has forgotten that a Human Being is the greatest creation which has happened since the dawn of time. Humans are neglecting themselves and lacking compassion for themselves and for others.

Just look at the political situation in United States, the violence happening on the streets and people mistreating each other based on religion, nationality or sexuality. All these is happening because we as humans have forgotten who we are as a remarkable brilliant Human Being.~ Vetri and Mari

It is because Man/Woman has disconnected from their feelings. They have become more logical and mind oriented in their actions. At present time, humans are being ruled by the mind and not the heart.

To be born as a Human Being in a Human Body is a very precious blessing. And we forget this basic fundamental truth. ~ Vetri and Mari

We don’t love ourselves, we don’t value ourselves, or we don’t take care of our bodies. As a result, we don’t love others, we don’t value others, or we don’t respect others. Some of the steps to take to awaken the illuminated heart are to love yourself, value yourself and to take care of your human body. Only then you will be able to love others, value others and respect others.

In order to love yourself, you need to make an appointment with yourself. Making an appointment with yourself means listening to your heart.

Allowing your heart to lead your mind will help you to make decisions based out of love instead of fear. This is one of the ways to move from an insane world to a sane world.~ Vetri and Mari

The real freedom will happen when you go inward. Meditation is one of the ways to go inward and get in touch with the source of your beautiful spirit. This is the easiest way to achieve inner peace and joy at all times.

When you touch the source of your beautiful spirit, you attain full freedom forever. The inner mysteries will be revealed to you so that you can be an instrument for Divine Existence to express through you.

Therefore, in this month of July, become receptive to the energies of Divine Existence. Like a mother, who is looking for her child to look at her, Divine Existence is waiting for you to look at her. When you look at Divine Existence with the innocence of a child, the Divine Existence will hold your hand. Magic will happen and miracles will abound in your life.

In this month of July, there is a very special day and this day is Full Moon of Guru Poornima falling on July 19th, 2016. This is the first full moon after the summer solstice when the Earth starts its journey away from the sun. There is a change happening at many levels during this period. Take the golden opportunity of this time, and pay your attention inward and settle in your heart. Meditate and seek the Grace of Divine Existence so that you can become the King or Queen of your kingdom in your heart. All the treasures you are looking for are within!

Happy Independence Day! Happy Guru Poornima!

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With Love and Light!

Vetri and Mari


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