Expert: Hate group 'Proud Boys' part of Trump base

Expert: Hate group 'Proud Boys' part of Trump base

Video Transcript

CHRIS WALLACE: --Proud Boys.

DONALD TRUMP: Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.

CASSIE MILLER: The Proud Boys see this as a call to action. This is something that they've been waiting to hear since 2016. They are a very pro-Trump group, and they have long been looking for his approval. They have put "stand by" on t-shirts that they're already selling, and they're using it to promote themselves and their brand and to recruit new members. So we're likely to see more people rushing to join the Proud Boys. This is likely going to increase their recruitment.

- All right, baby. We're here for freedom.

JULIA DECOOK: The fact that he did not condemn them and the fact that he told the Proud Boys to stand down and stand by, it's a part of his larger strategy, because he knows that this is his base.

CASSIE MILLER: They claim to be simply a men's drinking club, something in the vein of like an Elks Lodge. But really, they hold anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, and extremely misogynistic beliefs. And so their main goal is really to normalize political violence.

JULIA DECOOK: It's based on, like, you know, protecting the white race by any means necessary. It's fundamentally based on, like, the whole idea of "America for Americans." And that means, you know, non-hyphenated Americans, so white people. And so it's fundamentally built on this whole idea of preserving the country and, like, some-- most parts of the world for the white race.

CASSIE MILLER: Frankly, they're thrilled to have the recognition. And with people feeling, you know, more frustrated and with political polarization increasing as we head up to the election, this signal from Trump is something that they are definitely going to wield to try and bring more people into the organization.