Expert shares tips to make mom's favorite cafe drinks

An expert shared tips to brew up cafe-style drinks at home for Mother's Day.

Video Transcript

- Well, today is Mother's Day and if mom loves an extra special cup of coffee, we're helping you surprise her this morning. We are learning how to make cafe style coffee drinks and doing it all at home. Hopefully you're having a nice, relaxing morning. Rafa Owens is a barista at PiniPico Brazilian Cafe on the North side. And first of all, good morning, just want to welcome you to the show this morning.

RAFA OWENS: Good morning and thanks for having me.

- Yeah, so what are some of your tips for all those mothers out there who maybe like hot, cold, you have all kinds of different ones. So you want to start off with cold coffee?

RAFA OWENS: Yeah, absolutely. So if you're looking for cold coffee, I recommend making cold brew. Cold brew is a fantastic way to get a smooth cup of coffee consistently. A great recipe for that is a tablespoon and a half of ground coffee per cup of coffee, or excuse me, a cup of water that you'll be mixing it into. This mixture will be refrigerated for about 24 hours and then the final result is a very smooth cup because of the extraction time limits both the acidity and the bitterness of the coffee. It's very versatile.

- Yeah, we also have these little ice cubes here that you can kind of toss in with your coffee too.

RAFA OWENS: Right you, can even freeze leftover coffee to make ice cubes that won't water down your coffee.

- That is a fun idea right there. And just the whole idea that it takes hours and hours is just not like, bam. You got to kind of think ahead and plan ahead, right, for the cold coffee one. So how about hot coffee? You have some tips on that as well?

RAFA OWENS: Yeah, absolutely. My first tip is to heat up your cup before you pour your coffee. It'll help keep your coffee hot for longer. And then another huge thing that most people don't think about is the water that you use. If you happen to use filtered water with your coffee, it helps keep any type of chemicals that are in your water from affecting the flavors of the coffee.

I also recommend a French press. French press is my favorite way to get a consistent, strong, bold flavor out of the coffee that I use. Another thing that people don't tend to think about is the type of coffee that you're using. Spending just a couple extra on a higher quality cup, or higher quality coffee, you completely change the dynamic of what you put in your cup.

- Oh yes, you know that heat the coffee cup trick? I've been doing that all my life, not for my mom for my dad, but yeah, some great advice there. I also love the idea how you're saying, you know what? Just open up the spice cabinet too. There are a lot of fun things that you can maybe toss in there, spice up the flavor.

RAFA OWENS: There's so many fun flavors in your cabinet. Things like nutmeg, cardamom, and cinnamon are great additions to your coffee. Other flavors can include vanilla and even simple syrup, which is like a 1-to-1 ratio of water and sugar that we microwaved for 30 seconds at a time until it makes a liquid. One of the flavors we like to put in our coffee here at PiniPico is our horchata oat latte here on the right and then we also have the cardamom rose matcha latte on my left here. This is going to be part of our Mother's Day special that will also include your choice of a coxinha, which is like a Brazilian chicken croquette, or an empanada, which is a bit like a chicken pot pie. As well as the brigadeiro, which is a chocolate truffle heart shape, because we love our moms, right?

- We love our moms. What a fabulous layout you have there. Horchata coffee, you have it all covered. So Rafa, thank you so much. Appreciate it.

RAFA OWENS: Of course.

- Yeah, so we're going to post all these tips for you. Spoil mom, get her a great cup of coffee, plus a link to PiniPico's website as well. It's all available on our website