Experts say to ditch bird feeders amidst songbird outbreak

Here's why you need to take your bird feeder down.

Video Transcript

- Reminder, take down your bird feeder. This is the request coming from local wildlife experts this spring. Wild Care Wildlife Hospital in San Rafael says a major salmonella outbreak is killing songbirds across the state. In fact, they say this is the worst outbreak that they've ever seen. Birds become infected with salmonella bacteria when they come into contact with the droppings from other birds, and that often occurs at bird feeders.

ALISON HERMANCE: It's very, very deadly to songbirds. It's just been horrible how many birds have died. And we've seen so many here at Wild Care coming into the wildlife hospital, and that's just the tip of the iceberg for the number of birds that have actually been afflicted with this deadly disease.

- Wild Care says if you have a bird feeder and you want to keep it up, clean it at least once a week and use bleach.