Experts Urge Vessels in Cornwall Not to Approach Wandering Walrus

Wally, the UK’s famous wandering walrus, was spotted attempting to hop on a boat off St Mary’s Island in Cornwall’s Scilly Isles, as marine experts urged people not to approach the walrus for the risk of harming or disturbing the mammal.

The video shows Wally attempting to hop on a boat as a man inside the boat turns him away.

The Marine Management Organisation, which regulates marine activities in the UK, asked members of the public not to approach the walrus. “Wally” is believed to have floated south from Greenland on an iceberg, according to reports

In a post to Facebook, the organization said they received numerous messages informing them that the walrus is currently on the Isles of Scilly and is “regularly being disturbed by vessels and the public.” They asked the public to stay away from the protected mammal.

Joseph Badcock filmed the video and told Storyful the walrus was trying to get on buoys and boats in the area and has been at that location for several days. Credit: Joseph Badcock via Storyful

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