Explore Outdoors: An island history of chewing gum, espionage and bison

Nearly two dozen miles off the coast of Los Angeles is an island gem with hiking trails, wildlife, museums and zip lines that are reachable only by boat or by air — Catalina Island. "If you want a unique getaway that is relatively easy to get to and is really relaxing, Catalina is your place," said Krista Bernasconi, a long-time visitor to the island. But beyond the usual allure of island life, the uniqueness of this island includes a history steeped in chewing gum, the Chicago Cubs and World War II espionage. To learn more about the unique history, including what's up with all those island bison, take a look at the video above. Some video and pictures provided courtesy of visitcatalinaisland.com and the Catalina Museum for Art and History

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