Explore Outdoors: Underground gardens in Fresno offer unique way to escape high heat

Don't let the name Forestiere Underground Gardens fool you. This spot just a few dozen yards off Highway 99 in Fresno is far more than a garden — it's an intricate maze of underground passageways and rooms that are now preserved as a State Historic Landmark because of the vision and work of one man. That man invested $80 to buy 80 acres, with a dream to plant a citrus orchard in Fresno more than a century ago. However, the valley's high heat and hardpan soil quickly made that dream unattainable. What that man did next is a testament to the creativity, sustainability and years of dedication to create a site that can be 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the air above. To see who that man is and what he did, take a look at the video above. If you go to visit, keep in mind that while this is a State Historic Landmark, it is located on private property so reservations are required to tour the site.