Explosion hits office of a Russian commander in central Melitopol

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An explosion rang out in the center of Melitopol
An explosion rang out in the center of Melitopol

“A strong explosion rang out near the enemy's den in the center of Melitopol,” he wrote.

“Let me remind you that one of the commandant's offices of the occupiers is located here. We’re waiting for details about the losses among the Rascists (Ukrainian portmanteau of “Russian fascists”).

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Local outlet RIA Melitopol said the explosion was heard in various neighborhoods. There are also reports that the explosion was in the southern part of the city, on the outskirts.

After a series of explosions in the occupied southern Ukrainian city of Melitopol, the occupation administration set up mobile checkpoints. Since Aug. 16, there have been UAZ Jaguar amphibious cars with machine guns stationed around the city.

All cars are checked. Men are forced to undress and are checked for tattoos indicating allegiance to Ukraine.

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