Explosion near occupied Svatove kills occupiers from Russias Buryatia


There was an explosion in Nyzhnia Duvanka near Svatove in the occupied part of Luhansk Oblast on Sunday; occupiers from Buryatia [a republic in eastern Siberia, part of the Russian Federation – ed.] were killed.

Source: Serhii Haidai, Head of Luhansk Oblast Military Administration, on Telegram

Quote: "Today, in Nyzhnia Duvanka near Svatove, some Buryats were blown up, and parts of their bodies are now hanging on trees. Apparently, they were smoking somewhere they shouldn’t have. Or should have.

The mood [among the Russians - ed.] is panic. They are shocked at the speed of the Ukrainian soldiers’ counteroffensive."

Details: Haidai added that the Ukrainian defenders were surprised by the number of occupiers killed in some of the liberated territories; they assume that the barrier troops [special units that prevent other troops from retreating – ed.] did their job there.

"In the areas of the front that our defenders have reclaimed, even they are surprised because there are a lot of dead orcs [Russian soldiers – ed.]. They say that the fighting has been intense, but maybe some barrier troops were doing their job so as not to let the Russians escape," he concluded.

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