Explosion rings out in Moscow Oblast, Russia: witnesses claim they heard whistling

An explosion occurred in the Russian city of Kolomna, Moscow Oblast, on the evening of 2 March. It is not yet known what exactly happened.

Source: Russian state-owned news agency RIA Novosti; BAZA and MASH Russian Telegram channels

Details: A powerful explosion was heard in the suburbs of Kolomna, a city just over 100 kilometres from the Russian capital Moscow.

Residents report that the sound was heard throughout the city.

Propagandists report that emergency services have arrived at the scene of the explosion.

There are no details of what happened yet.

At the same time, local residents quoted by Russian Telegram channels claim that they heard a whistle before the explosion: "We heard a whistle, and then an explosion occurred."

Local residents post videos of the aftermath of the explosion in the suburbs of Kolomna on social networks.

In particular, the author of one of these videos reported that the explosion was in the area of the landfill.

Several days ago, a drone crashed near Kolomna, some 100 metres away from a Gazprom compressor station. [Gazprom is a Russian majority state-owned energy corporation – ed.]

Update: Later, sources in Russian media and on social media said they were unable to establish the site where the explosion occurred in Kolomna.

Sources told Baza that experts examined the territory between Kolomna and Voskresensk but failed to find anything suspicious; they suspended their search until next morning.

Other sources told Mash that the explosion-like sound could have in fact been the sound of MIG aircraft going supersonic in the sky above the city. They explained that the video showing blazes captured the light pollution from large greenhouses nearby.

Meanwhile, TASS sources claimed that the explosion occurred midair and said that it could have been a drone, the fragments of which have not yet been found.


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