Explosion rings out in Russia's Tula Oblast, people injured

A powerful explosion has rung out in the Russian city of Kireyevsk, Tula Oblast. Residents report a 5-metre-deep hole, and two people were injured.

Source: Telegram channel Ostorozhno, Novosti (Careful, News), citing residents; Russian state-owned media RIA Novosti, citing the regional dispatching service

Details: According to residents, the explosion occurred at approximately 15:15 in Kireyevsk (a city 35 km from Tula). They said the explosion was heard all over the town: the walls and windows shook, and the explosion was heard 30 km away.

Afterwards, residents discovered a crater near residential buildings; the buildings themselves were also damaged, and many residents had their windows blown out.

According to preliminary reports, two people were injured  –  a young man and a girl who were cut by shards of glass.

Residents assume that a drone could have been the cause of the explosion.

RIA Novosti, citing the region’s Unified Dispatch Service, reports that two people were injured in the explosion in Kireyevsk, Tula Oblast.

Later, TASS reported that the number of people injured in the explosion in Kireevsk had increased to three.

A Ukrainian drone Tu-141 Strizh (Swift – ed.), filled with the explosives, exploded near Tula, Russian law enforcement agencies reported.

Updated: Later, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation stated that the Russian radio-electronic warfare system Pole-21 disabled the system of navigation of the Ukrainian strike drone; having lost its way, it fell in the area of the settlement of Kireevsk, Tula Oblast.

Background: On 19 March, Russian media reported that an unidentified drone had fallen in Tula Oblast, Russia, about 250 km from Moscow.

On the morning of 2 March, Russian media reported that an explosion had occurred in Russia’s Tula Oblast. Photos of a crater were later published, and it was assumed that the explosion might have been caused by a drone.

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