Explosion In Weld County Involves Vehicle Vs. Natural Gas Line

An explosion happened in Weld County on Thursday afternoon at Weld County Road 27 and Weld County Road 72.

Video Transcript

- We have breaking news right now at 5:00. Emergency crews are responding to a possible explosion in Weld County. The Sheriff's office there has confirmed to us that they are responding to a report that a vehicle hit a natural gas line. This happened at Weld County Roads 27 and 72. At this hour, we are waiting to hear of any reports of injuries or evacuations in the area. And we will, of course, keep you updated as new information comes in.

More information now on the breaking news out of Weld County. Copter 4 arriving to the scene of a reported explosion there. You can see some flames. This is at County Roads 27 and 72. The Sheriff's Office confirming to us that this vehicle did hit a natural gas line. And this appears to be a truck burning. The Sheriff's Office also telling us that first responders are pulling back a bit due to the risk of another explosion.

Right now there aren't any word on injuries or evacuations. But we, of course, will have an update tonight at 6:00.

- Also trying to get that gas company to shut off the gas.

- Absolutely.

- We'll see you at 6:00.