Explosions in Dzhankoi damage railway junction station, making its use now impossible

Explosions in occupied Dzhankoi have damaged the railway junction station, making its use currently impossible.

Source: Head of the Joint Coordination Press Centre of the Southern Defence Forces, Nataliia Humeniuk, on Radio Svoboda

Quote: "At the moment, the use [of the junction station – ed.] is impossible, and the fuss that is happening around this site of impact indicates that there is not even an adequate decision on what to do with this.

We understand that they will try to restore what has been damaged as soon as possible, because direct rail communication is a way of delivering heavy weapons and personnel. They will have to step up their efforts. But we continue to work, in particular, on fire control, so that these efforts are in vain."

Details: Humeniuk said that this attack on the junction station is "one of the elements of the plan that precedes active action". In particular, it is necessary to exhaust Russian logistics.

In her opinion, the mood of panic in Crimea is confirmed by congestion on major roads and railways on the exit from the peninsula.


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