Explosions near airfield in Crimea, Russians claim to have shot down drones

Explosions were heard in the temporarily occupied Crimea this afternoon, in particular in the area of the Belbek military airfield. The Russians claim to have shot down drones.

Source: Krym.Realii (Radio Liberty's project) referring to anonymous Telegram channels; Mikhail Razvozhayev, the Russian-appointed "head" of Sevastopol

Details: Krym.Realii and Telegram channels report loud sounds similar to air defence systems operating in Sevastopol. In particular, explosions are reported near Belbek military airfield. There is also information about air defence operating near the village of Chornomorske.

In addition, Telegram channels publish photos of a smokescreen in the Southern Bay of Sevastopol, as well as in the city of Inkerman.


Telegram channels also post videos showing the trail of a missile that supposedly heads for the south.

The authorities announced the closure of the Crimean bridge.

Razvozhayev later said that according to previous data, downed UAVs had fallen as a result of air defence operations in Verkhniosadove and Kacha.

He added that there were no casualties, and there was a "small amount of grass on fire" in Verkhniosadove.

At the same time, Telegram channels report that a Russian military unit was hit near the village of Verkhniosadove.

In Kacha, Razvozzhayev said, the drone went down in the vineyards, and the grass is also "on fire". All emergency services have been dispatched to the scene.

He explained the smokescreen in the area of Sevastopol Bay only by "the use of aerosol camouflage equipment".


Verkhniosadove. screenshot: google maps

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