Explosions in Voronezh: authorities claim attack by "Ukrainian drones" – video

Screenshot: Fire in Voronezh
Screenshot: Fire in Voronezh

A series of explosions were heard over the Russian city of Voronezh on the night of 15-16 January.

Source: Telegram channels Mash, Baza, Astra; ВВС Russia; Governor of Voronezh Oblast Aleksandr Gusev; Russian Defence Ministry.

Details: Residents say they witnessed a series of loud sounds and flashes in the sky above the city centre, as well as in two districts. Damage has been reported, including shattered windows.

Telegram channel Baza reports that residents in the Southwestern district and in Shylovo heard explosions. Early reports suggest that a residential apartment building was affected after the strike of an unknown projectile.

BBC Russia stated that "about 10 explosions" were heard.

Update. Quote from Gusev: "Another attack by Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles was repelled with the use of air defence systems over Voronezh."

Details: He also stated that early reports indicated no casualties and there was only one fire on the balcony of one apartment building, which had been extinguished.

"Windows were shattered in two more residential buildings and a series of houses. Emergency services are already working at the scene.

After a comprehensive survey, we will determine the quantity and nature of the damaged property. We will assist all citizens as soon as possible. I am closely monitoring the situation,' Gusev said.

The Russian Defence Ministry announced that three drones had been downed in Voronezh Oblast.

Residents of Voronezh reported new explosions after 04:00.

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