Extended highlights: Tottenham 1, Man United 3

Manchester United came roaring back after Heung-min Son's opening goal, as they scored three unanswered in the second half to sink Tottenham.

Video Transcript

- Well, he's made three changes, and two of those come into the back four. And no surprise there, really, after the way they've been defending. Eric Dier comes in for Davinson Sánchez as another central defender. Right back is changed as well. Tanganga is out. Serge Aurier comes into that position. The same two holding players, Ndombele and Hojbjerg.

And as we look at the front four there, Heung-min Son is the other change. Comes in for Vinícius. And it might be-- the system in the last few games has been this one. Given Man United, you might see Heung-min Son, number seven, come back onto the left side and put more players in midfield. But I'd like to see José try and get on the front foot and play this kind of unusual 4-4-2 shape.

REBECCA LOWE: Manchester United, Tim, look like this.

TIM HOWARD: Well, big call in goal for Solskjaer, picking Henderson over De Gea. Henderson has three clean sheets in his seven games this season. Really settled and confident back four, Shaw, Maguire, Lindelof, Wan-Bissaka. Probably their strongest midfield diamond. And you look at Fred at the base.

Pogba tilting to the left, McTominay to the right, and then, of course, Fernandes. 27 goal involvements in 30 games this season. And up front, Rashford and Cavani. 16 goals between them.

- Well, October feels like an eternity ago, but these sides' fortunes have trended in opposite direction since Tottenham's 6-1 win at Old Trafford. United have lost just two of 27 games in all competitions since that mauling. And a victory here would put nine points between themselves and fifth place. It would also leave Tottenham six points outside the top four with games beginning to run out.

Bruno Fernandes dropping a little deeper to see possession. Pogba's header was a good one. Here's Rashford off the pass from Cavani, and it's an excellent sliding intervention by Eric Dier. United's best spell of the game so far, and they've got a corner.

- Well, again, Pogba off that left-hand side. There he is in between the fullback and Eric Dier. Eric Dier, in the end, does a brilliant job to get over and put a block on. But it was all created by the nuisance that was Paul Pogba on that far post nodding it back. And Cavani, beautiful little touch in the path. And well done, Eric Dier.

- Tidy play from United. McTominay has left Son on the floor clutching his face. Cavani! 1-0! Well, there's a hint of controversy about it. Heung-min Son is still down on the ground. Tottenham players have surrounded the referee. But Cavani is onside and has given, for the time being at least, Manchester United a 1-0 lead.

- Well, there's a couple of things to look at here. I think it was McTominay who just pushed his arm out to hold Son off and caught him in the face, no doubt about that. Whether the referee sees this as a foul there-- because Son's arm comes in. He flicks his arm out and catches him in the face there.

The referee will look at that and say, is that a foul? Was it intentional? Does it have to be intentional? No, it doesn't.

But then the run from Cavani. Just standing still, then goes just there. And it's Rodon who plays him onside. It's a brilliant finish. Diagonal run. Straight ball from Pogba through the legs. What a finish.

So it's the arm of Son comes out to try and grab a little bit of McTominay, and he just flicks his arm out. It's a natural thing for him to do to actually try and flick Son's arm away from him. The fact that he catches him in his face-- looks like he's gonna disallow it.

- Oh, he's overruled it.

- Yep.

- Free kick. Well, the best case scenario there was United lead 1-0. The worst case scenario is it's 0-0 and McTominay gets a second yellow. I don't think that's going to happen. Cavani, who had gone six without a goal, sees that chalked off.

Lo Celso. That's nice here for Ndombele. Kane. Lovely ball. Lucas. Son back post. 1-0. It's a beautifully crafted goal by Tottenham Hotspur.

Son, who was involved in the disallowed goal for Manchester United, returns to the side. Left-footed finish. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer cannot believe it. Instead of his side being 1-0 up, they're 1-0 down. Tottenham 1, Manchester United 0.

- Well, Son wanted the first one. When the ball comes to Harry Kane, he wants him to over it because he's in. Wan-Bissaka has gone narrow there. If he just lets it go, he's in. But Moura sees him already. He knows if the ball comes to him, the angle is quite tight. I'll just lay it into the path of Son, and he does so beautifully.

And Son has the know-how just to wait. He doesn't have to get ahead of the ball and be offside. He just waits for it. And it's actually a really good finish because Henderson's made good travel across his box, and he nearly gets there.

But it's a brilliant goal from Tottenham. It really is. Superb football. 1-0 down. No, they're 1-0 up.

- What a turnaround here at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

- Fernandes was away. He misses that tackle, he hooks it in, he's in the box. Big danger.

- Lovely flick by Fred. Pogba in the penalty area. It's an important header. Pogba again. Fernandes has overhit it. Cavani was at the back post.

- Has a little look. Just needed a little dink as opposed to the ping that he gave it.

- --to halt Pogba's momentum. Pogba allowed to go to the byline. Wan-Bissaka. McTominay. Good save by Lloris, and then Reguilón was just a little quicker in reacting to the rebound than Marcus Rashford.

- Just look at McTominay there just waiting, edge of the box. Go on, set me up. He got his feet right.

- Just limits the risk. If you catch it, it could slip through the hands and go into the net maybe.

- Lloris has got-- well, I won't disagree with Tim Howard, obviously.

- Yeah.

- But Lloris has got history of--

- Fred through--

- --palming it.

- --to Cavani. Flag stays down. Cavani. Another great save, but the rebound is poked in by Fred.

Well, that's a collector's item for Manchester United. September 2017 was the last time Fred scored in the Premier League, and he's done it here at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The quickest to the rebound, Lloris made the initial save, and it's 1-1.

- Well, I was just saying about Lloris has got history about palming things out from saves. I'm not sure-- and he's onside, Cavani. He gets his shot away. He gets a hand on it, and it goes straight back out to Fred.

There's Fred setting the move up. Just keeps running straight down the middle. Little ball in. Brilliant. Follows his path. And he can't miss from there.

When I look at that save from Lloris, I can be critical. But I won't be. I'll let Tim Howard do that at fulltime. It's a reaction save. He just throws a blue glove at it, and it pops straight to the feet of Fred.

- Aurier. A really, really good game here. Lucas. Aurier again. Waits for the return. Aurier into the penalty area. Still there. Son at the back post. Right-footed save by Henderson.

Reguilón won the ball back on the edge of the penalty area. He thinks he was fouled as well. United looking to counterattack. And the challenge came in from Hojbjerg.

- Well, you're right, Arlo. It is a good game now. Henderson, really good save because that's close to him. Right in between. Aurier does brilliantly well. Lindelof gets a challenge in, and then Son manages to get his shot away through the legs of Wan-Bissaka. So he sees it late on that right foot.

--long before he's packed up in ice again.

- Wan-Bissaka does well. Here's Bruno Fernandes. He's got Rashford ahead of him. Fernandes is gonna take a shot. He does so. Excellent save by Lloris. That was heading for the corner, no doubt about it. Great goalkeeping. Manchester United have a corner.

- Now that's a good save, Tim. Fernandes just uses Rashford. Goes to look as if he's gonna slip it down and then just gets his left-foot shot away. It's got dip on it just before the goalkeeper. It's a really, really top save. And it bounced just almost under his glove. Just gets enough of that.

- Change of corner kick taker. Bruno is over there. Curls it out. McTominay with a header, and it's cleared on the edge of the six-yard box. Harry Kane put his foot through that one.

Lovely turn by Luke Shaw. They're waiting for it at the back post. What a ball. Fernandes. Pogba surely. Back flick doesn't work. That was blocked. Luke Shaw with a sensational through ball with the outside of his left boot. And then the foul, and he's gonna get a yellow card.

- Tottenham were on the break. This ball, Fernandes. And I'm thinking overhead kick, backheel. Tries the backheel. Maybe he could have just swiveled with his right foot and volleyed that into the net. Trying to be a little bit too clever. It just got-- Dier got his foot on it.

- Edge of the area is Lucas. Here's Hojbjerg. Son. Kane wants it in that channel. Gets it. Cuts it back, and he went for the near post. Excellent save by Dean Henderson. A lot of the United defenders were looking at Lucas and Ndombele on the edge of the six-yard box.

- Tell you what, that's a good save. Because watch Harry Kane. He brings it on his right foot. Goalkeeper's got to go start to come over. Just goes to his near post, keeps his eye on it. See, Harry Kane just puts it on his right foot there and then whips it back. Gives him the eyes near post. Good save.

- Son with the corner. Volley here for Sissoko in front of goal. And it's over the top. Aurier was there again. It was a miscue by Moussa Sissoko almost turned in Serge Aurier.

- Well, and Sissoko gets something on it. It just hits a couple of players and bounces up. And Aurier just gets too much on it. He's actually in an offside position.

- Here's Maguire. Plenty of time for a winner for either side. Lindelof. Oh, lovely touch by Fernandes. Cavani! What a goal by Edinson Cavani!

Beautiful touch by Bruno Fernandes. Cavani, denied in the first half by VAR, may have scored the winning goal with just about 10 minutes to go here at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. United have turned it around. They lead Tottenham by 2 goals to 1.

- Well, we often talk about a bit of brilliance to win a game or to get a team ahead, and this is both of that. The quality there and that right in front of the goal. You might say an easy header. It's not. He's in the right place. He's waiting for it.

And the bit of skill, the ball in from Greenwood is just absolutely fantastic. Cavani stayed between the posts. Good center forwards, that's what they do. And they win games. That's why you pay them the big bucks.

- Well, what a turnaround for Edinson Cavani. He would have been hugely deflated after that terrific goal was chalked off.

Headed to the near post. Heads go up, back post. It's off the post. Chance. Still not clear. Son has completely sliced an effort with his right foot.

- The ball gets whipped into that area, and just look at him. Does absolutely brilliantly well to get his head on it before Sissoko. Because that's a tap-in. Sissoko thinks goal, and he just gets his forehead on it outside the post. What a save.

- Hero at both ends. Corner into the near post.

Header falls to Fred. Now here's Pogba. Nice bit of skill. Now he's got to get past Dier. Chance here for United. Greenwood on his right foot. Mason Greenwood, brilliant. Just brilliant by Mason Greenwood and Manchester United.

They've roared back in this second half, and they're heading nine points clear of fifth. Second goal in a week for Mason Greenwood. They've been terrific here in North London, and they'll go 23 unbeaten on the road. They lead 3-1.

- Well, this is what he does. If you just watch his movement of the ball. He knows he's in space. But when he gets it, Pogba does brilliantly well. He keeps himself narrow, then he goes outside. Little step-over, that creates the space on his right foot.

And he's the club's best finisher. There's only one place this is ending up. See how he stays narrow, and then that creates the space outside of him. And the little dink. Reguilón, no chance.

And he gets beat at the near post, Lloris. But it was the pace on the ball that beat him. He's only seven yards out. Keeper has no chance.

- Well, there's a saying in football, there's always another chance. But Manchester United have closed the door here on Tottenham Hotspur in stoppage time, and they've added a third. They're unbeaten away in 23 in the Premier League. Once again, Manchester United come from a goal behind to win. They're nine points ahead of fifth place.

Tottenham lose for the 10th time in the league this season, and they relinquish yet another lead, their seventh. Six points outside the top four. West Ham moved into that today.

United second. They've still got a game in hand over Manchester City. The title race is over, though, isn't it? Who knows. Great performance by United.