WEB EXTRA : CDC Director says COVID Preventions Should Stay In Place

Dr. Walensky: "We need to continue to keep the prevention measures up to prevent ongoing cases today." On Monday (4/19), the CDC director said the vaccines take a few weeks to work, so COVID-19 prevention measures need to stay in place for now.

Video Transcript

- You know, this is an interplay between how many people are vaccinated and how much disease is out there. And while we're making extraordinary strides in the number of people vaccinated, we still have an extraordinary amount of disease out there. And so I think that interplay is one we really need to consider here.

We know these vaccines work extraordinarily well as prevention interventions. However, they take some time to kick in-- somewhere in the two to six week mark. And so if we have a lot of circulating virus today, the vaccines will work, you know, in a month, but they may not work today. So we need to continue to keep the preventive measures up to prevent ongoing cases today.