WEB EXTRA: Florida Woman Suzanne Kaye Arrested For Threatening To Kill FBI Agents In Video

A Florida woman interviewed about her possible involvement in the Capitol siege later threatened to shoot FBI agents in two videos posted to social media. Here's the video.

Video Transcript

SUZANNE KAYE: Hi, friends. I'm here to let you know I need a drink. Just got a call from the FBI. They want to come talk to me about my visit to DC on January 6th. I told them bro, I ain't going to talk to you unless I have counsel. And being that I can't afford counsel right now, you're going to have to arrest me so I can exercise my right to see counsel.

And being that you don't even know where I live and you have to ask me, I ain't talking to you either. You just spent four years persecuting a three-star general with no evidence. You think I'm going to [BLEEP] let you come talk to me?

I'm an American. I know my [BLEEP] rights. My First Amendment right to free speech, my Second Amendment right to carry a gun, to shoot your [BLEEP] if you come to my house. So [BLEEP] following me, I don't [BLEEP] care, I'm glad you know who I am.