WEB EXTRA: Pepsi Peeps

Pepsi has a new Peeps flavored soda, but it will only available through a contest on Twitter and Instagram

Video Transcript

- [? Indeed, ?] Pepsi is about to get a whole lot sweeter. [? Frances, ?] I'm not sure about this flavor.

- [LAUGHS] I don't like Peeps period. Yeah, you can now share the new soda with all of your peeps. So which came first, the Pepsi or the Peeps? It doesn't matter, because the two are teaming up to create a new Cola concoction just in time for Easter.

- Mm-hmm.

- But there's a catch-- you can't buy the marshmallow-y beverage. You have to win it in a contest. Wait, hold on a second. You're saying this is a marshmallow soda?

- Marshmallow-y, yeah. All you have to do is post your favorite springtime activities on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag, #hangingwithmypeeps and tag Pepsi. I don't understand people who like Peeps, but if you do and you want to try it in a soda way--

- I'm not sure I understand people who like marshmallow soda, but that's a whole other discussion.