WEB EXTRA: President Biden Calls On Employers To Give Employees Paid Time Off To Get Vaccinated

President Biden is calling on employers to give employees paid time off to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Wednesday (4/21), the president said no American should lose money from their paycheck to get vaccinated.

Video Transcript

PRESIDENT BIDEN: One concern I've heard from so many Americans is that they can't afford to take the time off to get vaccinated or lose a day's work because they are feeling slightly under the weather after the shot. So today, I'm announcing a program to address that issue nationwide. I'm calling on every employer, large and small, in every state to give employees the time off they need, with pay, to get vaccinated and any time they need, with pay, to recover if they're feeling under the weather after the shot.

No working American should lose a single dollar from their paycheck because they chose to fulfill their patriotic duty of getting vaccinated. We're already seeing employers large and small stepping up to meet this historic moment.