Extreme Hoarder Update

Jessica was one of the most severe hoarders The Doctors had ever seen. Earlier this season The Doctors sent Dorothy the Organizer to help her – but has Jessica slipped back into clutter and chaos?

“Jessica, how have you been?” asks ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork. “I’ve been … great!” says Jessica. She’s stopped hoarding, and she’s still working on organizing her life. Dorothy explains that “We needed to get the bills straight, we needed to clear more of the stuff, and I thought she needed to get a higher-paying job so she could lift her life. And by golly, it’s been happening!”

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Jessica has a new job and has moved to a new home with her boyfriend, Manny. “And I got this for Christmas!” she beams, showing off a sparkly new engagement ring.

“Jessica, I’m so proud of you!” Psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow tells her. “When I first met you, it felt like there was so much wrong in your life … you’ve done so much work with Dorothy, so much work on yourself. YOU did the work!” He feels the greatest change in Jessica is her new optimism.

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Jessica has advice for anyone who may be hoarding. “The number-one thing I learned, which helped me have achievable goals in working with Dorothy, is just set a timer.” Instead of being overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done, set a 10 or 15-minute timer and work until it goes off. She used this trick to get through mountains of paperwork and clothing she’d been storing for years.