‘It’s extremely frustrating:’ Problems continue at area apartment complex after water restored

Another resident at a Harriton Township apartment complex is speaking out about their frustration with busted pipes and repairs.

News Center 7 has previously reported that a family at the Medows of Catalpa apartments spent days without power and still have no shower.

Since then, more residents have come forward with their concerns.

Most residents at the apartment have their water back on, but that is just the start of their problems.

“It’s extremely frustrating,” Ali Reynolds said.

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Reynolds was planning on hosting Christmas dinner at his apartment, but with freezing cold temperatures his water stopped Friday.

Unfortunately, that was just the start.

“That’s when it was like a rainforest in the restroom,” Reynolds said.

He has videos on his phone of water pouring out of the vents in his bathroom.

Then the water started pouring out of the ceiling by his door, eventually collapsing leaving a hole and exposing the insulation.

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His water came back Tuesday but he is still dealing with the aftermath.

News Center 7 spoke with the management office who said their first priority has been getting water turned back on and has just one building left.

The complex contains over 300 units.

Management said once everyone’s water is back on they will circle back around for necessary repairs.

“It’s a situation like ‘what can I do?’, all I can do is keep asking and asking,” Reynolds said.

Another complaint residents’ have had is the lack of communication. Management said they’ve called every resident when the water has turned back on.