Eyes on Main Street, 2018 Wilson Outdoor Photo Festival

The fourth edition of Eyes on Main Street, Wilson Outdoor Photo Festival opens April 21, 2018 in Wilson, NC. Nash Street, the main street of Wilson, will be transformed into a vibrant gallery of large-scale photographs. For 100 days, 100 photographs will be displayed on 100 storefront windows, spanning six city blocks. The exhibit will take visitors across the railroad tracks linking east and west Wilson into one shared community.

Focusing on the theme of “Main Street: a Crossroad of Cultures,” the exhibition, curated by Jerome De Perlinghi and co-curated by Catherine Coulter Lloyd and Régina Monfort, features the work of 100 photographers from 35 countries with an equal number of men and women. Among the artists included in this years’ edition are: Alex Webb, Renée Byer, Guillaume Herbaut, Diana Bagnoli, William Klein, Martin Parr, Gaia Squarci and Krisanne Johnson.

The goal of the festival is to help revitalize Historic Downtown Wilson while cultivating cross-cultural understanding through powerful photography. “The photographs taken in 48 countries, not only celebrate our shared humanity, they illuminate our capacity and resilience to survive against all odds,” says co-curator Régina Monfort. “One of my favorite things about this particular exhibit is I get to travel all the way around the world for a long as it takes me to walk from this end of the street to the next” according to festival visitor, Tabitha Renfro Durham.

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