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Three children under the age of 5 were found stabbed to death in a residential area of Reseda, the Los Angeles Police Department said.

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JOHN GREGORY: Now at 8:00, the World Series champs return to Dodger Stadium, finally in front of fans. But there will already be some changes if you're heading to tonight's game.


RACHAEL BROWN: Plus, a local restaurant that's defied public health orders is fighting back. We'll tell you what's in store this afternoon in Burbank at Tinhorn Flats.

JOHN GREGORY: And a live view from Pacific Park we've got a fabulous early spring day shaping up. How long will the blue skies stick around?

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JOHN GREGORY: You can see the Dodgers back in LA and back in front of fans, too. Game later today. We'll talk about that. First, let's talk about the weather with Alex Cheney.

ALEX CHENEY: John and Rachel, thank you so much. Good Saturday morning, everybody. We had a beautiful sunrise earlier this morning as we take a look at our Malibu camera here. A few partly cloudy conditions outside, but other than that, we're gonna be really nice and clear as we head into the afternoon.

So here's Malibu right now. The sky as blue as the water out there-- just gorgeous. 54 degrees right now.

This is a look into Burbank and some of our valleys. We'll have maybe just a little bit of cloud coverage today and a cool start in Burbank. 57 degrees outside.

Here are your daytime highs. We are slightly cooler than yesterday, maybe a degree or two. 68 degrees by the beach, 82 for the high desert. Low desert today at 97 degrees, so at least staying out of the triple digits for Palm Springs. LA and Orange County in the mid 70s, and the valleys and the Inland Empire into the mid 80s.

Still to come in my forecast, we are cooling down as we head into next week. Just how cool? That answer coming up in just a few minutes, Rachel.

RACHEL BROWN: Alex, thank you.


Another 15,000 fans will be back at Dodger Stadium tonight for the second home game of this season.

JOHN GREGORY: Yeah, and their experience is gonna be a little different from what fans had yesterday. "Eyewitness News" reporter Jade Hernandez live at Dodger Stadium with more for us. Jade?

JADE HERNANDEZ: Good morning, John and Rachel. Yes, there will be a few changes, and those will be at the concession stands. But first, the Dodgers will be back at it again tonight. They took on the Washington Nationals yesterday, and they won 1-0. And it was pretty amazing to be back inside the stadium, so let me take you there.

The Dodgers celebrating their 2020 World Series championship on Friday, and they got to celebrate with fans. In a special ceremony before yesterday afternoon's game, players received their championship ring. So it was a very big day at Dodger Stadium. Those rings look awfully good. A lot of bling there.

And for the first time in more than a year, the Dodgers welcomed fans back in person inside a renovated stadium. Just take a look around. More than 15,000 fans filled the stands. Way below maximum capacity, but there's still distancing enforced. But this is what fans craved and longed for last season, and we found out fans were glad to be back and have something to celebrate.

ANDRE HENNIN: It was a long time coming. After COVID hit our wonderful country, and everything we've gone through, it was nice to walk in here and celebrate a world title.

BILL WILDE: We really wanted to be here. It's-- you know, when I come here, I think of my family.

RACHEL BROWN: Dodger family, that's right. Now, fans are still required to wear masks, sit in pods, and are encouraged to stay in their seats. One change today. As I mentioned earlier, concessions will be open.

Walk- ordering had been replaced by a mobile ordering app until it failed on Friday. The Dodgers released a statement. It reads in part, "After consultation and cooperation with the Los Angeles Department of Public Health, Dodger Stadium will continue with walk-up ordering as in past seasons, with social distancing and all health and safety guidelines enforced. Moving forward, additional concession locations will be open to better serve Dodger fans. The health and safety of our fans remains our top priority."

Now, the Dodgers tonight will also celebrate Mr. Dodger Blue himself, Tommy Lasorda. Of course, Lasorda passed away earlier this year. Reporting live from Dodger Stadium this morning, Jade Hernandez, "ABC 7 Eyewitness News."

JOHN GREGORY: All right, Jade. And it wasn't all cheers at Chavez Ravine yesterday. Check out the chilly reception that greeted LA Mayor Eric Garcetti.

- Please join me in welcoming Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti--


LA City Council member Gil Cedillo, hall of fame broadcaster--

JOHN GREGORY: Yeah, Garcetti has faced scrutiny during this pandemic. He did help raise the Dodgers 2020 World Series title banner, along with team co-owners Magic Johnson and Billie Jean King.

RACHEL BROWN: Starting Thursday, everyone 16 and older will be able to get a vaccine in the state. Los Angeles County is expected to see a dip in supply, however, due to a shortfall in availability of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. There are still expected to be about a 1/2 million available doses at vaccination sites across the county. The Johnson & Johnson supplies expected to rebound in the coming weeks.


Happening today, a protest in support of re-opening Tinhorn Flats Saloon and Grill in Burbank. The bar and grill has come under plenty of scrutiny and legal fire after it defied public health orders when outdoor dining was still banned. A preliminary injunction is forcing Tinhorn Flats to stay closed until it gets a county permit and a city conditional use permit. Supporters will be gathering outside the restaurant at 2:00 PM and then caravaning to Burbank Town Square at 5:00.

JOHN GREGORY: Well, new this morning, a six-year-old boy recovering after being shot in Sun Valley. This happened around 1:30 this morning on Sheldon Street. Police say a woman shot several rounds into an apartment complex and then took off. Officers say she may have been targeting somebody, and it's not clear if this is gang-related. The child is expected to be OK.


RACHEL BROWN: The Pomona Fairplex is about to become an emergency intake center for more than 2,000 unaccompanied children who arrived at the US-Mexico border. Many children seeking asylum have been held in crowded Border Patrol facilities beyond the 72-hour legal limit. Most children are between the ages of 12 and 17 years old and have contact information of family in different parts of the country. While they are being processed, the children will receive health and educational services.

Well, police say three burglars pretending to be construction workers are on the run this morning.

JOHN GREGORY: Yeah, on April 1, they struck in Echo Park, saying they needed to check water pressure. And on Wednesday in Downtown LA, they said they damaged a pipe next door and needed to check out that home. They told the victims at both homes to wait outside. They then went into the bedrooms, grabbed property, and then took off.


RACHEL BROWN: Meantime, the LAPD tweeted out a video warning showing a series of recent break-ins caught on Ring cameras throughout the city. The department says there have been more than 3,000 burglaries since January 1, and that's added up to more than $5 million in stolen property.


JOHN GREGORY: Will the COVID vaccine help curb long-hauler symptoms? We're gonna ask an expert that and other pandemic-related questions straight ahead.

RACHEL BROWN: Plus, Harry and Meghan break their silence on the passing of Prince Philip as the Duke of Edinburgh is honored this morning.

JOHN GREGORY: And with fans back in the stands, do you want to get paid to eat hot dogs at a big league ball game? We're gonna tell you about a website looking for a professional food taster.


Welcome back. Can getting the COVID vaccine help if you suffer from so-called "long-hauler" symptoms?

RACHEL BROWN: And we know about the variant that has now become the most dominant strain? Dr. Tirso Del Junco, Jr., chief medical officer with KPC Health, joins us now to discuss. Doctor, thank you for being with us.

TIRSO DEL JUNCO, JR.: Good morning.

RACHEL BROWN: Good morning. And Doctor, new research shows that people with those long-lasting COVID symptoms, they're finding some relief once they get vaccinated. Have you heard of this happening?

TIRSO DEL JUNCO, JR.: You know, as everything with COVID and with the vaccines, we're learning as we're going. There are theories out there. An immunologist out of Yale has actually worked on some of this and found that the vaccines help eliminate what is so-called the viral reservoir. It's this reservoir and lingering in the body that produces the chronic symptoms.

The vaccine produces a robust immune response, and they're theorizing that it attacks this reservoir and essentially eliminates the leftover symptoms. But you know, again, as everything else, we're learning as we're going [? in ?] [? the ?] [? theories ?] [? work, ?] and our academic colleagues will continue to help us understand these things.

JOHN GREGORY: Doctor, so many variants out there now-- the South African variant, the Brazilian variant. It sounds like the UK variant, though, is the most dominant strain in this country right now. What do we know about it, and how worried should we be?

TIRSO DEL JUNCO, JR.: Well, what we do know is that all three variants show a key mutation. And without getting too scientific here, this mutation, it mutates on the spike protein, which allows the virus to bind more tightly to the human cell. The mutation of these three variants in the UK, as you mentioned, make these variants more contagious than the previous SARS-CoV-2 variant.

But the good news , though, is that all of our three vaccines do have an effect, a positive effect, and minimizing the symptoms. And as, you know, we're dealing with those variants, and the UK variant is the one that we're being challenged the most in the US. But the good news is, as I said, that the vaccines are there, and they're effective against these variants.

RACHEL BROWN: And we're hearing more and more places in Southern California reopening every day, which is great news, and we're excited about it. But we're also hearing about some other cities in our country and even Canada facing that third wave. So what do we need to do to make sure we reopen cautiously?

TIRSO DEL JUNCO, JR.: Well, you're so correct. I think that, you know, we're cautiously optimistic that we are doing a good job in California and Los Angeles in particular. But the real message here is that we need to-- in order for us to reach that 80% herd immunity that Dr. Fauci keeps talking about, we're gonna have to continue the strong push to get everybody vaccinated. Vaccines is the way we're gonna get there, and maintaining our social distancing, and continuing to wear our masks. And I'm confident that we're gonna get there, but we've just gotta get everybody vaccinated and get to that point of that herd immunity.

RACHEL BROWN: Great advice. Doctor, thank you so much for being with us.

JOHN GREGORY: Thanks, Doctor.

TIRSO DEL JUNCO, JR.: Thank you.

JOHN GREGORY: Coming up, get paid to [? feed. ?] An online gambling site is looking for a baseball fan who really likes hot dogs.


- Fire!


RACHEL BROWN: Plus, new video this morning as Prince Philip is honored in the UK.


Welcome back. Prince Harry reportedly will attend his grandfather's funeral but it's unclear whether Meghan will join him. She's, of course, due with the couple's second child this summer.

JOHN GREGORY: Meantime, the two are paying tribute to Prince Philip on their Archwell Foundation website. It's temporarily been taken down and replaced with a message mourning the Duke of Edinburgh, who died at the age of 99 yesterday. The message reads in part, "Thank you for your service, you'll be greatly missed." And also, you see-- we have more here? Well, that's the gist of it there. Rachel?

RACHEL BROWN: Yeah, and Prince Harry reportedly, again, as we said, will attend that funeral. But gun salutes are ringing off across the UK today in honor of Prince Philip as military leaders remember the former Naval officer and husband of Queen Elizabeth II. Philip served in the Royal Navy during World War II and once had a promising military career.

JOHN GREGORY: Well, it is a dream job for baseball fans who enjoy eating hot dogs.

RACHEL BROWN: Yeah, that's right. The casino review website Bonus Finder is hiring a professional MLB food taster. Duties include eating hot dogs and watching games at Major League stadiums. Applicants must live in North America and be at least 21 years old. You also have to be skilled at critiquing the quality and complexity of a hot dog. Mm! Well, the job pays $500, and you can submit an application through May 2.

JOHN GREGORY: And a lot of hot dogs being eaten across the country today.


JOHN GREGORY: But of course, here in Los Angeles, we got another Dodger game on the way and great weather for it, to. Let's check in with Alex Cheney.

ALEX CHENEY: Absolutely. Some great weather outside as we head into your Saturday for some hot dog-eating, some baseball, or whatever it is you like to do on a Saturday. Things are shaping up really nice for this weekend. So Malibu, 55 degrees outside right now. It's a bit of a chilly start in some areas, but we got really nice, clear skies as we head into today-- clearing skies, shall I say.

Burbank, 57 degrees. A little bit of partly cloudy coverage out there in the Pacific Park and the Santa Monica Pier. A bit of a slow start, but maybe just a few people already out there enjoying the coast. 57 degrees right now.

Here are some more temperatures this morning. 61 degrees in Los Angeles, 56 in Anaheim, 59 degrees for Ontario. 73 in the Palm Springs area, 59 in Santa Clarita, 60 degrees in Van Nuys. We are a little bit on the cooler side right now, but we will warm up quickly as we head into the afternoon. So we are slightly above average in terms of temperature today because of a ridge of subtropical high pressure that's continuing to influence Southern California, Phoenix, Vegas, all of the Southwest. Colorado River area feeling warm today.

But big changes on the way as we head into next week. We're gonna start cooling down. We've got a system of some low pressure that is just out to the Eastern Pacific. As it begins to track towards the east, that's when we're gonna see some really nice cooling heading into next week.

Also, a bit windy outside to begin your day in some areas like Santa Clarita. The mountains, valleys, passes, and the high desert gonna be a little bit breezy for today, also heading into later tonight as well, because of this. We have a wind advisory. It started this morning, and it's going to last until Sunday morning.

So let's track that system of low pressure I pointed out just a moment ago. As it heads into Southern California, it does take until about Tuesday and Wednesday, and we could see a little bit of some shower activity out there. Your highs for today, 82 degrees in Riverside, 76 in Irvine, 75 degrees in Los Angeles. Some of our foothill communities gonna be in the 80s today. Also the 80s in the High Desert. And our Valley spots will be some of the warmest areas today in the mid to low 80s.

Seven-day forecast for LA and Orange County, 75 degrees today-- above average. And then, we start to cool off as we head into the rest of the week. We're getting in the mid to upper 60s by Tuesday and Wednesday, with some chances for some morning drizzle. Valleys, Inland Empire now, a hot, sunny day at 86 degrees. We. Get back into the 70s by Monday and the 60s on Tuesday and Wednesday, with just a little bit of drizzle out there.

The beaches now, upper to mid 60s until Tuesday and Wednesday, into the low 60s. It's a really good looking next seven days by the coast. This is perfect weather for April.

The mountains now, 67 degrees, nice and clear, but a little bit breezy today. And then, we are in the 50s beginning on Tuesday. Doesn't really look like that system has any sort of snow associated with it, and the deserts 82. Becomes 84 by Sunday, and we're back in the 70s and 60s by the middle of next week. So a warm weekend, then we see things cool down quite nicely by next week, Rachel.

RACHEL BROWN: Yeah, it sounds great. Thank you.