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According to the FBI, Christopher Quaglin, was seen "repeatedly assaulting multiple law enforcement officers."

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JOE TORRES: I'm Joe Torres with a look at some of the local stories making headlines this Wednesday afternoon. There are new developments in the massive fire in Queens that left hundreds homeless. That fire broke out yesterday in Jackson Heights. More than a dozen people were injured, and more than 200 people lost their home. The fire hit eight alarms, and FDNY commissioner Daniel Nigro says, the spread of the rapid-- of the flames there could have been prevented, really.

DANIEL NIGRO: Some of the causes of why this fire got to a condition of what it was is a delay in notifying the fire department. People smell smoke, they notify someone else other than us. I think I smell smoke. You smell smoke, call the fire department. We'll find the source. We were notified a little late here. The door to the fire apartment was left open.

JOE TORRES: Had the door been closed the flames would not have spread throughout the entire building. We turn now to the Coronavirus pandemic. New York City's new mobile vaccination bus made its debut in Sunset Park, Brooklyn today. The bus can handle 200 people a day, and this morning shots were administered to restaurant and delivery workers. Mayor De Blasio announced that New York City beaches will open Memorial Day weekend, and city pools will reopen on Saturday. June 26th after the last day of school. The mayor says social distancing rules will remain in place, at least at the beginning of the summer.

BILL DE BLASIO: As more and more people get vaccinated-- and I do think that's going to start to drive down the case count for sure-- I won't be surprised if over the course of the summer there's ways of doing things differently and giving people a little more freedom. But we still have a ways to go until beaches and pools open, and we're going to constantly watch the data and the science. And if things continue to improve, you know hopefully, we can relax some of those rules further.

JOE TORRES: Complete coverage of the pandemic and the race to vaccinate, join us for "Eyewitness News", first at 4:00. We will see you then.