Good Samaritans help victims after truck crashes into bus stop

Good Samaritans ran to help and lifted the roof of the shattered bus stop off people trapped below.

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DAVID NAVARRO: I'm David Navarro. We'll look at some of the local coronavirus headlines and today is the day so many had circled on their calendar. Most coronavirus capacity restrictions have been lifted. And new mask guidelines go into effect across the area. Here's what you need to know.

In New York and Connecticut, people who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear masks in most indoor and outdoor settings. In New Jersey, you do not have to wear masks outdoors, but indoor mask rules remain in effect. New York City Mayor de Blasio addressed the guidelines this morning.

BILL DE BLASIO: The bottom line is if you're vaccinated, you have more freedom. If you're vaccinated, you can breathe easier and you are safer. If you're not vaccinated, it would be smart to go get vaccinated. Now, some of the CDC guidance applies regardless of whether you are vaccinated or not. So whether your vaccinate or not vaccinated, we want you in certain settings keep the mask on-- obvious settings, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, mass transit. People are all together in a small space. Settings like that, it's just common sense.

When you're not sure, my personal advice is wear a mask when you're not sure. If you just prefer to wear a mask, that's OK. Whatever you want to do in that case is fine.

DAVID NAVARRO: Across the area we found many people who have decided to keep their mask on regardless of the guidelines. Eyewitness News Reporter Marcus Solis has that part of our coverage.

MARCUS SOLIS: At this hardware store, the sign still asks customers to wear a face mask. But management acknowledges is now more of a suggestion than a hard and fast rule.

ANDREW WOLF: We probably leave to sign there, but maybe take it down eventually but not going to be checking people.

MARCUS SOLIS: Indeed, it's not like masks have magically disappeared in Connecticut. Face coverings still very much in use whether inside shopping or even outside walking.

- I'm a person of facts and science. And I don't trust everybody else as much as I would like to. So I wear my mask for you, for you, for you, for you, and everybody else.

MARCUS SOLIS: But as of today, Connecticut is adopting CDC guidelines and no longer requiring masks for vaccinated individuals. The State is also ending capacity limits and social distancing requirements indoors. At Plaza Restaurant, the staff is still wearing masks, but customers will be on the honor system.

THEO KOURDIS: If somebody comes without a mask, and they're holding the vaccine card, we're not going to bust your chops really. And overall, we're taking the whole mass thing a little more relaxed as more and more people are getting vaccinated.

LISA SMITH: I definitely am going to continue to wear my mask because we don't know who is and who isn't when we're outside. And I have an aunt who has an illness at home. So I'm being really cautious.

MARCUS SOLIS: Keeping with CDC guidance, masks will be required on public transportation and in medical facilities and schools.

NED LAMONT: Let's wear the masks in school a little bit longer. Let's go through the end of this school year. Most of those kids aren't vaccinated. Most of them aren't even authorized to be vaccinated. I know that makes the teachers feel a lot more comfortable as well.

MARCUS SOLIS: Governor Lamont points to a low positivity rate, 1%. And one of the highest vaccination rates in the country with 49% of Connecticut residents fully vaccinated. In Greenwich, Marcus Solis, Channel 7, Eyewitness News.

DAVID NAVARRO: And if you are still confused about any of today's changes, check out our special Reopening the Tri-state. You can watch it right here on your streaming app or at I'm David Novarro. Have a great afternoon.