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Another winter storm is dropping a fresh blanket of white across New York City, New Jersey, and other parts of the Tri-State.

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DAVID NOVARRO: Good afternoon. I'm David Novarro with an update on the snow that is still falling across the area. Many roads are coated in snow, sleet, and slush, and they're dangerous. A driver in Yonkers in Westchester County losing control, flipping over. Fortunately, he was not hurt, but you have to take it slow out there. Chief meteorologist Lee Goldberg tracking the storm for us. Lee?

LEE GOLDBERG: Yeah, that's a great warning. You know, some roadways, you may see a little bit of blacktop there, but we're snowing in the 20s here. It is super slippery out there. My ride in on the melt, there was a point where it was just skating along. So, there's no reason to travel, even though the precipitation will actually start to diminish a little bit this afternoon. We have moderate snow with sleet mixed in. Visibility is down as we look from Midtown trying to look past the Empire State Building. It's turned into a wet snow, sleet, even some rain along the Jersey Shore. We've got a powdery snow and even just cloudy conditions north of the city.

It's 19 in Monticello, it's 27 in the park right now. So, here are some new snow totals. Check this out. Brick, New Jersey at 3 and 1/2 inches, but 15 miles to the northwest, Freehold is pushing 9 inches. We had that very heavy snow ban. We honed in on that yesterday across central New Jersey. 2 and 1/2 inches in Farmingville. Central Park just came out with the official reading as of 1 o'clock, a little over 3 inches of snow, so right on pace. Somers, 3 inches, Butler, New Jersey, pushing about 4 inches of snow.

So the steadiest snow and sleet of the storm is actually winding down over the next couple of hours. So the bulk of accumulation is occurring today and has occurred in some locations. However, this is going to linger right through late tomorrow. So we've got lighter snow and sleet mixing and even rain along the immediate coast through Friday. The toughest travel is right now into the evening hours, but there will be additional slick coatings that will take you through the day tomorrow.

You see the radar right there. Some of the darker shades of blue over the Twin Forks. Riverhead, that's some of the heaviest snow. But still good snows in the south shore of Nassau, near Merrick, back over to the five boroughs. Lighter, but patchy snow is kind of filling in actually now over the Hudson Valley. And of course, you have the mix on the Jersey Shore. There is more off to the west. It's just going to be more off and on and lighter precipitation. And remember, you still get the second piece of this storm that's down over the gulf. That's why it takes until late tomorrow to finish.

So if you watch this future cast, got a good handle on things, we flare up with snow from time to time into the early evening hours, and then is that second piece gets closer later tonight into tomorrow, I could see a little bit more coverage. That would be bad news in terms of tomorrow morning's commute-- if we're adding additional inch or 2-- if we go through the morning hours tomorrow. Then things become more fractured again. Kind of a light snow and sleet through the afternoon hours. And it's finally shutting down by late tomorrow and we dry out as we head into the upcoming weekend.

So with that in mind, additional snowfall totals will probably range from about 1 to 4 inches. And again, the higher totals now will be adding on north of the city, not at the shore anymore. We got the jackpot totals. That area hatched in with highest totals, that's where you're 8s and 9s are across the area. In general, we're going to fall into the 5 to 9 across the area, and more 5s and 6s certainly than 8s and 9s. And then-- when you're well to the north. You're out of that best moisture. You might be fighting for 5 inches and certainly where we're mixing in coastal Ocean County.

More in the 2 to 5 inch totals, so again right now Central Park coming in at about 3. just-- just to sum things up, Dave, avoid travel because the roads are super slippery. The additional 1 to 4 inches before it's all said and done. This storm finally shuts down late tomorrow. Got a long way to go, but we are through the heaviest part of the snow. Much more coming up throughout the afternoon. Dave?

DAVID NOVARRO: Thanks, Lee. We want to check on the conditions right now. Let's go to Eyewitness News reporter Kemberly Richardson, who's live in the Flatiron district with the very latest. Kimberly?

KEMBERLY RICHARDSON: Well, Dave, for the past hour or so, we've been seeing exactly what our weather team forecasted. It's that mix of snow and sleet. We could actually hear the ice pellets hitting the windshield of our SUV. Let me show you what things look like here. This is 23rd Street, looking west from Madison Avenue.

It is pretty messy out here. Buses are making it both-- across town on 23rd. We've also seen some coming down Broadway and hanging a left here on 23rd. Everybody kind of taking it slow, but-- but doing good. This here gentleman, here on a bike. This is another thing I always say. Tip our delivery folks extra today. They're out here on e-bikes, they're making it through. They're taking it slow, but they're getting there.

Plows are making runs out here and are dumping sand. Sanitation is absolutely staying on top of things. Here in the five boroughs today, many things are staying open, and folks really are out and about. Given the green light, Mayor de Blasio said dining inside structures that sit on sidewalks or in parks.

Folks can also continue dining inside restaurants with a cap of 25%. Also open today, Mayor de Blasio says COVID-19 vaccination and testing site in the city. On the flip side, what's closed today-- for obvious safety reasons, the mayor says all dining inside structures that sit in the street. Plows have to clear the snow, and they really do come close to these set ups. So for one day, those are shut down. While this latest system may have thrown many a curveball, others are knocking it out of the park, moving and grooving, dining and dashing in the snow.

- I think the city has done a great job with these-- these hoods. We don't even know these were here, and we came in just because of these hoods. And look, it's spaced out more than 6 feet. So I don't know why. And then you have two heaters. These are very strong heaters. You're going to do great here. Just come over and eat. It's going to be great. Look, everybody's having a good time. Don't let the snow stop you from having a good meal.

- It's beautiful out. The snow don't stop me.

KEMBERLY RICHARDSON: And this is perfect in here.

- We should be on the ski slopes, not in the middle of a city.

KEMBERLY RICHARDSON: Ah, he wants to hit the slopes. Back here live, 23rd Street. There is an M23 slowly pulling out into the lane of traffic. They're getting through the slush. Everything is OK. We haven't seen any slipping and sliding with the cars or the buses out here on 23rd Street. But again, as Lee just mentioned, heading into the afternoon and especially if you're working and heading home on the roads tonight, please just take it slow. For now, we're live in the Flatiron district. Kemberly Richardson, Channel 7, Eyewitness News.

DAVID NOVARRO: Thanks, Kemberly. Let's head over to New Jersey, see how the conditions are there. This is news Road Cam 7. You can see in Elizabeth, New Jersey, a lot of blacktop there. So that's a really good sign at this point. You can stay with Eyewitness News and ABC 7 NY for the latest on the storm. We'll have another update at 3:00 PM. And of course, we will have complete coverage coming up on Eyewitness News, first at 4:00. We have a team of reporters working this story with every angle possible, make sure that you have the very latest and most information that you need.