10 hurt in multi-vehicle accident in Brooklyn

Video from Newscopter 7 captured firefighters working to free at least two people that were pinned between a car and a guard rail.

Video Transcript

DAVID NAVARRO: I'm David Navarro. A big shakeup in the New York City Schools. Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza announcing he is stepping down after almost three years on the job. He led the nation's largest school district through the pandemic. And he says the loss of 11 family members and close friends to the virus has taken its toll. And he needs time to grieve. He is leaving his post at a time when city middle schools are just reopening and when high schools remain remote-only.

RICHARD CARRANZA: There's never a perfect time. And at times, you have to do what's personally necessary for you. So I'm going to take time to grieve, to reconnect with my family. And I don't know what I'm going to do next. But I'm a man of God. And I'm a man of faith. And I know that the Lord will light a path. And I'm faithful to walk that path.

DAVID NAVARRO: Carranza will be replaced by Misha Porter, a longtime city educator and current Bronx superintendent. She will be the first Black woman to lead the city's 1.1 million students.

MISHA PORTER: The greatest honor that was bestowed upon me was when one of my principals, principal Erica Tapaya, who is now superintendent Tapaya, looked at me and said, what I appreciate about you is that you remember what it was to be a principal. And that's what I promise to do, to never forget what it meant to be in a classroom with students and planning lessons and thinking about what was important for them.

And especially in this moment, to put teachers who are grappling with remote classes and in-person classes, I promise to never forget that. For school leaders who are managing so many multiple asks but centering children first, I'll never forget that. And to our district leaders who are ensuring that supports and resources are being poured into schools every day, I will never forget. And that's what this moment is about.

DAVID NAVARRO: Porter takes over on March 15. We'll have much more on her appointment and the future of the schools on Eyewitness News First at Four and all day on ABC7NY.com.