$1 billion in unpaid NYC rent due to coronavirus pandemic

One billion dollars. That's how much tenants haven't been paying in rent in New York City alone since the pandemic started.

Video Transcript

DAVID NOVARRO: I'm David Novarro. We'll look at some of this afternoon's coronavirus headlines. In New York state, opening two new mass vaccination sites this week. Beginning Wednesday, the sites at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn and York college in Queens will be able to vaccinate up to 3,000 people a day. Governor Cuomo toured one of the sites today.

Meanwhile, New York City's health commissioner discussed the delay in vaccine doses due to the weather.

DAVE CHOKSHI: We expect all of the shipments that were due to arrive in New York City last week to come to the city between-- mostly between today and tomorrow, perhaps some on Wednesday as well. And then we also expect the deliveries that were originally slated to arrive for this week to arrive by the end of the week as well. Right now, we're getting about 170,000 first doses per week, and that's our expected supply for the next two to three weeks.

DAVID NOVARRO: Also new this afternoon, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announcing that large sports venues will reopen to spectators next Monday, March 1. Indoor venues can have 10% capacity, outdoor venues can have 15% capacity. The governor also discussed changes to houses of worship.

PHIL MURPHY: Today, I'm pleased to announce that our houses of worship and religious services can now operate at 50% capacity with no cap effect-- [INAUDIBLE]. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have strived to accommodate our communities of faith to the greatest extent possible. We know that for many of our residents, the ability to worship together plays a central role in well-being and mental health. As our numbers continue to decline, we believe we can safely take this step. It is important to remember that masks will continue to be required unless they must be briefly removed for religious purposes, such as taking communion.

DAVID NOVARRO: And one more important note. The New York State Health Department confirms that some vaccinations given at Jones Beach on February 15 were ineffective because they were stored at the incorrect temperature. Anyone who received an ineffective vaccine has been notified and are being rescheduled.

We invite you to stay with Eyewitness News and ABC7NY for the latest on the coronavirus pandemic and the race to vaccinate people across the tri-state area. I'm David Novarro. Have a great afternoon.