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Sheltering program converts shipping containers to house homeless, at-risk residents

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New Jersey officials on Monday announced the launch of Newark Hope Village, an innovative sheltering program that uses shipping containers to house homeless and at-risk residents.

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- Now, New York's number one news, "Channel 7 Eyewitness News."

MICHELLE CHARLESWORTH: Good morning. I'm Michelle Charlesworth.

SHIRLEEN ALLICOT: I'm Charlene Allicot. It is Monday, March 8. We are following breaking news in Brooklyn where two NYPD officers are expected to survive after they were shot while responding to a call for help. It happened just after 9:00 last night in Prospect Lefferts Garden. According to police, the alleged gunman first shot his roommate and then opened fire on police when he left his second-floor apartment.

One officer was grazed by a bullet in the leg. The other was saved by his bulletproof vest. Police say the suspect appears to be emotionally disturbed.

MICHELLE CHARLESWORTH: The New York Senate Majority Leader is joining growing calls for Governor Cuomo's resignation as more people come forward with accusations. Seven people now have spoken out against the governor's behavior. Two men say he has been inappropriate in the workplace. Five women accuse him of sexual harassment. Among them Karen Hinton, who said the governor summoned her to his hotel room where he hugged her in a way that made her feel uncomfortable.

Cuomo dismissed the allegations as politically motivated and dismissed calls for him to resign.

ANDREW CUOMO: I was elected by the people of this state. I wasn't elected by politicians. I'm not going to resign because of allegations. The premise of resigning because of allegations is actually anti-democratic.

MICHELLE CHARLESWORTH: The governor's problems go beyond these accusations. The FBI now is involved in the investigation into the state's nursing-home deaths.

SHIRLEEN ALLICOT: We are learning more about the death of a 10-year-old boy in Harlem who was discovered with bruises on his body. Prosecutors have charged his stepfather, 34-year-old Ryan Cato, with murder. On Saturday, police responded to a NYCHA building on West 131st Street, where they found Aiden Wolfe. Investigators say the child had severe body trauma.

Community leaders are demanding that additional resources be provided where abused children can turn for help.

IESHA SEKOU: We want to be clear that this is not where we're just going to walk away and we already lost this 10-year-old. We already lost him. So this is about preventing the next one.

SHIRLEEN ALLICOT: Police believe that Aiden suffered from years of physical abuse. His mother has been questioned by police, but so far, has not been charged.

MICHELLE CHARLESWORTH: Today, high-school students in New York City are expected to learn when they can return to the classroom. Mayor de Blasio will be joined by new schools chancellor Meisha Porter for the announcement. On Friday, the mayor hinted at the return of a five-day-per-week in-school learning schedule by September. High schools are the last remaining sector of the public school system to be closed for in-person learning.

SHIRLEEN ALLICOT: Meanwhile, restaurants across New York state can soon start seating more customers indoors. Beginning March 19th, restaurants outside of New York City can increase indoor capacity from 50% to 75%. The 19th is the same day Connecticut lifts restrictions. New York City restaurants are still capped at 35% capacity. The announcement comes as the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations in New York dropped to the lowest levels in about three months.

MICHELLE CHARLESWORTH: All right, Sam Champion with the exclusive AccuWeather forecast.

SAM CHAMPION: Hey, it is the week that we break the deep freeze. And so we'll get to warmer temperatures. It just doesn't happen yet today. Notice the ramp up of the temperatures today. We'll be by 2:00 o'clock about 40 degrees. Now, we'll get to 44 for a high temperature today. And then we'll bounce right back down.

So it will be a brief time that we get to that part of the air. Now, that's still a little cooler than you would normally expect, about 47. But look how many days we're near 60 degrees. 60 degrees tomorrow, much milder during the day. And that air kind of cools off a little bit by the time we get to Wednesday just because of a wind direction of the water. Now, water temperatures are in the 40s. So that's going to push us to the mid 50s instead of the 60-degree mark for highs for a lot of us.

But 64 again on Thursday, Friday, 66. But a cold front comes through there. And that makes some showers possible-- first time this week, by the way-- in Friday evening. And then, of course, we start to change those clocks Saturday night into Sunday, guys.

SHIRLEEN ALLICOT: All right, looks like things are getting warmer. Thank you, Sam. Stay connected with us all day.

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