2 killed in fireworks explosion, fire at Ontario home

Two people died when a massive cache of commercial-grade fireworks ignited at an Ontario home, setting off multiple fires and explosions that shook the neighborhood.

Video Transcript

- It's going to be ongoing for quite some time. To kind of give you an idea as to the magnitude of what happened, take a listen to this.


That was part-- look at the people. Look at the people coming, running around the corner. It's always interesting to me, seeing some people walk and some people go to the explosion, and you can kind of see it. Maybe we can-- it's kind of looping there, so maybe we'll pause for a second here again and you'll be able to hear it. No, I think that was it.

- OK, well you could see the two guys on--


- Yeah, when you combine that with what we saw earlier, from the mall, the parking lot, the shopping mall, where they could actually see the plume of smoke, and then Steve Bailey was saying, he'd never seen anything or heard anything that large when he walked up.

- Right, and he said there were 10 to 15 minutes apart, three different huge explosions.

- Yeah. What was fascinating to me with his description was that the first explosion just sounded like something hit on his roof, but it was the second explosion that was louder and brought everybody out. Look at that. That's an overturned vehicle.