‘F**king Religious Idiots’: The CraigsList Ad (and Promotion) That Just Has to Be Seen to Be Believed

A curious CraigsList post advertising a yard sale in Greer, South Carolina, is gaining some attention. Entitled "Help Get Godless Liberals Out of SC," the text, posted on May 9, proclaims that two individuals are attempting to move to California -- and they're using the sale as an opportunity to gain the necessary funds. But it's not your average amateur rummage bazaar; in particular, there are some intriguing caveats for religious people who plan to attend.

"Preaching and proselytizing welcome, however it will cost you 10 cents a word to attempt to convert us," the announcement reads. "Mormons pay double. Mention Richard Dawkins and disavow the Holy Spirit will get you 10% off our already low prices."

The premise of the sale is apparently to help "two godless liberals" get the money they need to make their move across the country. In an effort to court attendance, the announcement also says that anyone who comes to purchase the books and other random items will be "helping to make SC a little more red."

Despite the liberal label, in an interview with TheBlaze, Pher Reinman, 38, the individual who posted the garage sale notice, explained that he is a libertarian.

Atheists CraigsList Garage Sale Ad Offers 10% Discount for Anyone Willing to Disavow the Holy Spirit
Atheists CraigsList Garage Sale Ad Offers 10% Discount for Anyone Willing to Disavow the Holy Spirit

A screen shot of the CraigsList ad (Photo Credit: CraigsList)

When reached by telephone and asked why he and his girlfriend are planning to move away from South Carolina, Reinman said that "the f**king religious idiots" are one of the reasons that they are leaving, as the culture where they reside is predominately Baptist -- something he openly lamented. Additionally, he claimed that his girlfriend was recently fired for being an atheist.

It's not only non-theistic inclinations, though, at the center of Reinman's decision to leave South Carolina. He is polyamorous, meaning that he has more than one romantic partner. While he is married, he also has a girlfriend (the latter of which will be moving with him, while his wife plans to stay in South Carolina). Considering the conservative nature of the geographic area, his lifestyle isn't as accepted as he would like.

As for the discount for anyone willing to disavow the Holy Spirit, Reinman said that he's more than willing to grant it, although he was merely quipping when he put it in his CraigsList post.

"Honestly, yeah -- it's a joke, but, yeah, if they really want to do it I'll give a discount," he said. "Hell, I'll give it to them free."

And what about the portion of the ad that decried anyone who would try and convert the non-believers? On that front, Reinman seemed a bit more serious.

"If people come up here and try to do that, I will charge them 10 cents per word," he said, noting that he would also consider calling the police and and throwing them off his property.

As for the responses he's received so far, he called them mainly positive. And for religious critics who may feel offense, he had a message: "They believe in an invisible sky wizard. I'm sorry. I don't care."