'My Face Is Freezing': North Texans Share Misery Of Lengthy Power Outages

“This is not a rolling blackout, this is a blackout,” says Stephanie Randall. “I don’t know where rolling came from because there’s no rolling over here.”

Video Transcript

- Pleas from help are coming from countless North Texas homes where the power remains off, and there are no clear answers from those who control it about when that service is going to be restored. CBS 11's J.D. Miles has been talking with those people who are beyond angry.

J. D. MILES: Thousands of North Texas homeowners and apartment tenants have been riding out the last 24 to 48 hours without heat. Those who haven't reached their breaking point are close as they continue to suffer through the power crisis.

STEPHANIE RANDALL: I mean, my hands, my fingers are freezing. My face is freezing.

J. D. MILES: Stephanie Randall and her husband have sealed themselves off in a bedroom of their Dallas home, where a fireplace is the only source of heat they have.

STEPHANIE RANDALL: This is not a rolling blackout. This is a blackout. Like, I don't know where rolling came from because there's no rolling over here.

J. D. MILES: Randall has been without power since early yesterday.

DAWNELLE MADDOX: We've been out-- we've been without in total, probably about 41, 42 hours.

J. D. MILES: Dawnelle Maddox had her electricity cut off two days ago.

DAWNELLE MADDOX: Our bed is full of blankets. I actually slept in four shirts. We have, like-- I had like six blankets, two pajamas. I have boots that go to my knees.

J. D. MILES: Her family in Lancaster wants to move to a hotel, but can't find any rooms available.

DAWNELLE MADDOX: It's terrible. I've never felt this helpless in a long time, because we have nowhere to go.

J. D. MILES: Some North Texans without power, like Nevada resident, Clint Cash, have been living in their vehicles. He says Encore stopped promising when electricity would be restored and now only responds with the words, assessing condition.

CLINT CASH: I feel like this is ridiculous. I feel like they don't know what they're doing.

J. D. MILES: Cash and others are frustrated with those controlling the state's electrical power grid.

DAWNELLE MADDOX: And get some help. We need help here! This is crucial. This is something that should have been taken care of.

STEPHANIE RANDALL: They said that it was-- they purposefully turned it off to protect the energy, but ours has not come back on. The people are going to die. I mean, this is not OK.

J. D. MILES: Those people could be the elderly or disabled who have no one checking on them. In Dallas, J.D. Miles-- CBS 11 News.