Face mask tips: How to make a face mask more comfortable on your ears

Do you wear face masks for long periods? These hacks could help your ears hurt less.

Video Transcript


LISA AZCONA: What's up, guys? It's Lisa from "In The Know." And today, I'm going to show you three different ways to wear a face mask so it won't hurt your ears.

Even though we should all be wearing masks, some people wear them for longer periods of time because of their jobs or simply because they want to keep everyone around them safe and healthy when they're not home. After a while, though, the elastic strap around the ears can make that area feel incredibly sore and uncomfortable. Lucky for you, I've got you covered. So for the first hack, simply grab two clips and use them to attach the straps to your hair instead of placing them behind your ears. This will keep your mask super tight.

For the second hack, put on a headband with buttons and simply hook the straps onto each side. Your mask will stay secure all day. And lastly, use a fuzzy stick or a pipe cleaner to connect the two loops and tie it behind your head. I hope these hacks make wearing your mask more comfortable. Stay safe and don't forget to wear your mask.