Facebook changes users’ email addresses to their own

Brad Reed
Facebook’s Sandberg says company’s mood manipulation experiment was ‘never meant to upset you’

How many people out there use Facebook as their primary email service? Although the answer is “not many,” Facebook is trying to change that by making its users’ Facebook email addresses the primary ones displayed on their profile pages. Yes, that means people looking at users’ accounts won’t see their Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo accounts anymore and will only see the seldom-used Facebook account. Thankfully, as LifeHacker demonstrates, there is a way to change this: First, go to the “Update Info” button on you profile. From there, scroll down to contact information and click “edit.” All you have to do at this point is change the Facebook email address to “Hidden from Timeline” and then change the primary email address to “Show on Timeline” and voila! The regular email is displayed on your profile again.



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