Facebook Facts at a glance

Facebook, which said Thursday that it expects its initial public stock offering to price between $28 and $35 for a potential take of $13.58 billion, took the unusual step of posting its IPO "roadshow" online. A look at some facts about the social media phenomenon:

— The former Harvard-only hangout now has 901 million total active users a month.

— More than half a billion people (526 million) sign onto Facebook each day.

— More than half of Facebook's monthly users (488 million) view, post and upload content to the site using mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets.

— Facebook is home to 125 billion "friendships."

— More than 300 million snapshots are uploaded every day to the site.

— There are 2 billion "likes" each day.

— One billion comments are posted daily.

— Facebook is the most-downloaded mobile app in the world.

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