Facebook users can share more activities with friends via 60 new apps

Announced during a press event in San Francisco earlier today, Facebook has pushed out support for 60 new applications that will allow friends of users to join in on the activity through Facebook. For instance, a Facebook user could be using Foodily to cook a recipe for lemon chicken. If a friend sees that activity within the feed, they can join and try cooking the same recipe. Another example mentioned at the press event would entail a Facebook friend joining someone else on a run by utilizing the Runkeeper application. These activities will show up in the News Ticker, Facebook Feed and on the user Timeline.

Designed to be a “frictionless” experience, Facebook has diminished the time it takes for the action to appear on a user’s Facebook feed. After the user authorizes the application and links the app to their Facebook account, performing an action within the third part app will automatically post an update to the user’s Facebook account. However, the user has the ability to control what gets posted on the Timeline as well as which groups of their friends can see the posts. For instance, a user could isolate constant posts from the Runkeeper application to their group of friends that also enjoys running and perhaps likely to join them on a jog.

Spotify is an example of a ”frictionless” application that already appears on Facebook. When a user is listening to a song on Spotify, that action is automatically broadcast on Facebook and other Facebook friends can join to listen to the same song, assuming they have the Spotify application activated on their account. Beyond the 60 new applications announced earlier today, Facebook is allowing developers to submit any new application assuming it meets specific criteria laid out by Facebook’s development team. The majority of the applications announced today can be found below:

BooksGoodreads KoboFoodCookpadFoodilyFoodspottingSnooth UrbanspoonYummlyFitnessMapMyRunRunkeeperFundraisingArtez.comCausesFundrazrGamesFord OMGPOP: Draw My ThingWooga: Bubble Island, Diamond DashZynga: Words with Friends, CastlevilleJobs / EducationBranchOutCourserank GrockitMonsterShopping / FashioneBayFab.comGiftrocketLivingSocialOodlePayvmentPinterestPolyvorePoseTicketsScoreBigStubHub Ticketfly TicketmasterTravelAirbnbGogobotTripAdvisorWhere I’ve BeenWipoloVideo / MoviesCinemur Dailymotion MetacafeRotten TomatoesMiscellaneousAppsfire Artfinder Autotrader Color Foursquare

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